Famous People Biography: This chapter gives important general knowledge related to the life introduction of famous people of India and world history, who have established their dominance first in the country and the world. These celebrities have made valuable contributions in various fields such as History, Geography, Sociology, Science, Technology, Literature, Sports, Politics, Awards, and Honors and Entertainment. Here you will get information about the biographies of famous people in India and the world, their achievements, and important facts related to them.

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28-Apr-1929 – 15-Oct-2020 – Bhanu Athaiya is well known in Indian cinema as a famous dress designer. She is the first Indian woman to have been awarded the “Oscar Award”. She received the Academy Award for Best Costume Designer for a Gandhi film in 1983. Music director Ravi Shankar was also nominated the same year but did not win the award. The film was nominated in 11 categories at the Oscars of 1983. Bhanu Athaiya has been active in Hindi cinema for five and a half decades.

15-Oct-1931 – 27-Jul-2015 – Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam was noted as a former Indian President, well-known scientist and engineer (engineer). He is also known as’ Missile Man “and ‘President of the people’. He was the 11th elected and first non-politician President of India. He served as the President of the country from 25 July 2002 to 25 July 2007. On 27 July 2015, this great man died of a heart attack.

15-Oct-1957 – Mira Nair is a director of Indian-American filmmaker Hindi Films. His production company, Mirabai Films specializes in films in the economic, social or cultural fields on Indian society for an international audience.

1205 – 14-Oct-1240 – Razia Sultan was the first ruler of India. He held the Sultanate of Delhi for nearly 5 years. Razia ruled the Delhi Sultanate from 1236 to 1240. The importance of her name in Indian history is not because she was a woman, but because she was not from a big family. His father Iltutmish worked as a servant at Qutbuddin Aibak in Delhi, later he was given the post of Provincial Governor.

14-Oct-1884 – 04-Mar-1939 – Lala Hardayalji was a famous Indian revolutionary. Lala Hardayal Ji had inspired and encouraged the patriots for the independence of India, after suffering many pains while wandering abroad. He inspired many Indian expatriates living in Canada and America to fight against British imperialism during World War I due to his simple life and intellectual skills.

13-Oct-1925 – 08-Apr-2013 – Margaret Thatcher was the first female Prime Minister of Britain. She served as the Prime Minister’s chair for 11 years. Margaret Thatcher was one of the influential leaders of the 20th century world. Thatcher studied chemistry at Somerville College, Oxford, and briefly worked as a research chemist before becoming a barrister.

23-Mar-1910 – 12-Oct-1967 – Ram Manohar Lohia was a fighter, sharp thinker and socialist politician of the freedom struggle of India. India sees Ram Manohar Lohia as an invincible warrior and great thinker. During the independence movement in the country’s politics and after independence, there were many leaders who changed the course of rule on their own, one of which was Ram Manohar Lohia.

11-Oct-1902 – 08-Oct-1979 – Jayaprakash Narayan was an Indian freedom fighter and politician. Varadaputra Jayaprakash Narayan of the motherland has done commendable service to our country. Loknayak Jayaprakash Narayan was an icon of sacrifice and sacrifice. He is known for leading the opposition against Indira Gandhi in the year 1970.

10-Oct-1912 – 30-May-2000 – Dr. Ram Vilas Sharma was a well-known critic, essayist, thinker and poet of modern Hindi literature. He was also a professor of English. Dr. Ram Vilas Sharma was India’s first ‘Vyas Samman “winner. Ram Vilas Sharma in his long writing journey created nearly 100 important books.” Bharatendu Yuga “,” Mahavirprasad Dwivedi and Hindi Renaissance “,” Nirala’s Literature Sadhana Classical works like ‘English Raj and Marxism in India’, ‘Western Asia and Rigveda’, ‘Indian Renaissance and Europe’, ‘Indian Culture and Hindi Territory’, ‘Gandhi, Ambedkar, Lohia and problems of Indian History’ .

17-Apr-1916 – 10-Oct-200 – Sirimavo Bhandarnayake was a famous Sri Lankan politician and the first female Prime Minister of the modern world. She was the leader of the Freedom Party of Sri Lanka. In 1960, she became the first woman Prime Minister of the world. Her social work focused on improving the lives of women and girls in rural areas of Sri Lanka.

10-Oct-1900 – 17-Mar-1993 – Helen Hage was an American actress whose life lasted for nearly 80 years. She received the nickname “First Lady of American Theater”. He was one of 12 people to have won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony Award (an EGOT).

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