Letter Series Verbal Reasoning Quiz (Set 6)

Direction: Find the missing terms in each of the following questions:

Question: ac_acbbac_ac_b_cba

  • baaa
  • bbca
  • bbaa
  • bbac

Correct Answer: bbca

Question: mn_n_nm_nm_n

  • mmmm
  • mnmn
  • nmnm
  • nnnn

Correct Answer: nnnn

Question: _mon_ _nmo_mo_monm_

  • Onmomm
  • Bnibbi
  • Oooooo
  • Moonoo

Correct Answer: Bnibbi

Question: ab_abc_bc_bca_c

  • caac
  • bccb
  • baca
  • caab

Correct Answer: caab

Question: b_ab_a_ _ba_b

  • ababa
  • bbbaa
  • ababb
  • baabb

Correct Answer: ababa

Question: m_immn_m_nommn_m

  • nomo
  • onmo
  • nnmo
  • monm

Correct Answer: nomo

Question: _PSRQ_SRQP_RQPS_

  • OQRS
  • SRQP
  • QPSR
  • PRQS

Correct Answer: QPSR

Question: a_ba_bb_ab_a

  • baaa
  • baab
  • abab
  • aaba

Correct Answer: baab

Question: ca_aca_ac_bac_ba

  • ccbb
  • bbac
  • ccab
  • bbaa

Correct Answer: bbaa

Question: cdf_cdf_cd_e_dfe

  • fcee
  • cefe
  • eefe
  • eefe

Correct Answer: eefe

Question: PQR_PQ_RPP_RP

  • QQPP
  • PRQQ
  • QPPP
  • PPQQ

Correct Answer: PRQQ

Question: cqs_c_stcq_tcqs_

  • qcst
  • stas
  • tqst
  • qtst

Correct Answer: tqst

Question: AB_DABC_A_CD_BCD

  • CDBA
  • DCAB
  • CBDA
  • DCBA

Correct Answer: CDBA

Question: C_SE_ _SECB_ECB_E


Correct Answer: BCBSS

Question: E_AMEX_ME_AN_XA_


Correct Answer: XAXEM

Question: If all the letter of this series are written in reverse order then which letter will be 3rd to the left of the letter which is 18th from your right?

  • L
  • F
  • B
  • I

Correct Answer: F

Question: If with the 8th, 16th, 17th and 22nd letters of given series it is possible to make a meaningful word then which will be first letter of the word so formed? If no such word can be formed then X as the answer and if more than one such word can be made then give P as the answer.

  • T
  • M
  • P
  • E

Correct Answer: P

Question: If every alternate letter starting from O is replaced by odd number 1, 3, 5….. respectively then which letter/digit will be 3rd to the left of the letter/digit which is 10th from your right?

  • K
  • 15
  • L
  • 13

Correct Answer: 13

Question: In reference to the letter series given above, what will replace the question mark? NDP, QWB, ZFR?

  • RFI
  • SFA
  • HVI
  • SVI

Correct Answer: SVI

Question: In the given letter series which letter will be 5th to right of the letter which is 13th from your left?

  • A
  • V
  • U
  • T

Correct Answer: U

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