23 April In History - What Happened On This Day

According to Gregory calendar, on April 23, the day number in a year is 113 and if it is a leap year then the day number is 114. April 23 has a special significance in India and world history, because many such incidents have occurred on this day which have been recorded forever in the pages of history. Let's know some such important events which will increase your general knowledge. The facts collected will be as follows: People born on this day, demise of famous people, war treaty, freedom of any country, invention of new technologies, change of power, important National and International Day etc.

Important Historical Events of 23 April in the World ⚡

1014Irish forces led by Brian Boru clashed with the Vikings in the Battle of Clontarf.
1016Edmund Ironside become King of England, reigning for only seven months before the country was conquered by Cnut the Great.
1348The first-ever appointments to the Order of the Garter, anorder of chivalry founded by King Edward III of England, wereannounced.
1504Birth of the second Sikh religious leader Angad.
1516The most well-known version of the Reinheitsgebot, the German Beer Purity Law was adopted across the entirety of Bavaria.
1564Birth of poet and playwright William Shakespeare.
1660The Oliva Treaty was agreed between Sweden and Poland.
1661Charles II, King of England, Ireland, and Scotland was crownedat Westminster Abbey.
1705Richard Steele premiered "Tender Husband" in London.
1723Cornelis Steinhoun won the election of chief clergyman of Utrecht.
1751Gilbert Eliot Minto, Governor General of the East India Company was born.
1853The first passenger train ran from Boribandar, Bombay to Thane in India.
1906The fundamental law was announced in Russia's first state of Duma.
1908The North Atlantic Organization Treaty was signed between Denmark, Germany, Britain, France, Holland and Sweden.
1918First World War The British Royal Navy conducted a raid on the Belgian port of Bruges-Zeebrugge.
1919The Estonian Constituent Assembly began its first session.
1942Second World War-In retaliation for the Royal Air Force Bombing of Lübeck several weeks prior, the Luftwaffe began a series of bombing raids in England, starting with Exeter.
1951American journalist William N. Oatis was arrested for espionage by the Communist government of Czechoslovakia.
1954Batting against Vic Raschi of the St. Louis Cardinals, Hank Aaron of the Milwaukee Braves hit the first of his then-record 755 home runs in Major League Baseball.
1961In the midst of the Algerian War, French President Charles de Gaulle delivered a televised speech calling on military personnel and civilians to oppose a coup d'état attempt against him.
1967Soyuz 1 , the first mission of the Soviet Soyuz spacecraft, launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome carrying cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov.
1968Students protesting the Vietnam War at Columbia University in New York City took over administration buildings and shutdown the university.
1968Famous Ghazal singer Bade Ghulam Ali Khan passed away.
1979Activist Blair Peach suffered fatal head injuries after being knocked unconscious during an Anti-Nazi League demonstration in Southall, London, against a British National Front election meeting in the town hall.
1985The Coca-Cola Company introduced 'New Coke' to replace itsflagship soft drink Coca-Cola, which generated so much negative responsethat the company put the previous formula back on the market less than three months later.
1991Bjorn Borg loses 6-2, 6-3 to Jordi Arrese after 8 year lay off.
1992McDonald's opens its 1st fast-food restaurant in China.
1992Renowned Indian filmmaker-director and Bharat Ratna awardee Satyajit Ray passed away.
1996Sothearby begins 4 days of Jackie osmium thinning hits 24 million.
2000The gulf air flight 72 crashes in Bahmin. 124 people killed in this accident.
2005Video uploaded for the first time on YouTube.
2007Former Russian President Boris Nikolaiyevich Altasin died.
2009Gamma-ray burst GRB 090423 was detected, coming from the most distant known astronomical object of any kind at the time.
2010Near Shia mosques a series of bomb explosion. In this dozen of people and other were killed.
2010Governor of Arizona Jan Brewer signed the controversial anti- illegal immigration bill SB 1070 into law.
2011The guise list for the weeding of Prince William and rate Middleton is released in England.
2011The cash which occur in the disputed border region of Cambodian and Thailand lead to the evacuation of thousand.
2012An initial ban on the film borate Kazakhstan was issued and official thank you to sacra boron Cohen the actor because of his nice character.
2013In France an amended bill is passed opening the door for François Holland to promulgate it.
2013West Indies explosive batsman Chris Gayle hit the fastest century in cricket history in just 30 balls. He scored this century in IPL 2013 against Pune playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore team.
2014FaceBook announced the first profits of$642 million lead to increase of nearly a factor of 3 over first quarter profits in 2013.
2014A horrific train accident in the Democratic Republic of Congo killed 60 people and injured more than 80 people.

Important Historical Events of 23 April in India ⚡

1751Gilbert Eliot Minto, Governor General of the East India Company was born.
1853The first passenger train ran from Boribandar, Bombay to Thane in India.
1992Renowned Indian filmmaker-director and Bharat Ratna awardee Satyajit Ray passed away.

National and International Days of 23 April 🏁

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