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Definition of "Bleak"

adjective lacking vegetation and exposed to the elements.

Similar words, opposite words and meaning in Hindi of "Bleak"

Hindi Meaning of Bleakखुला हुआ, उदास, ठण्डा, निराशाजनक, रुखा, शीतल, सुना, उजाड़
Synonyms of BleakDismal, Gloomy, Somber
Antonyms of BleakBright, Pleasant, Sunny

Related Synonyms of "Bleak" with Hindi meaning

Austereरुखा, सख्त, आडम्बरहीन, कटटर, कठिन, करकर, कठोर, तीक्ष्ण, सीधा-सादा
Dourकठोर, रुखा, शीतल, सूना, उजाड़, उदास, निर्जन, सुनसान, अकेला, जनशून्य
Drearyनिराशाजनक, निर्जन, नीरस, सुनसान, उदास, निष्प्रभ, अन्धकार, धुंधला, मलिन, फीका
Gloomyअँधेरा, उदास, दुखी, धुंधला, मन्द, निरुत्साही, खिन्न, घटाया या दबाया हुआ
Grimकठोर, कुरूप, खराब, डरावना, भयंकर, भयानक, मनहूस, सख्त
Severeकठोर, कड़ा, सख्त, तीव्र, प्रचण्ड, कठिन, गम्भीर
Starkबिल्कुल भिन्न, वास्तविक किन्तु अप्रिय, कठोर, केवल, कड़ा, नितान्त, पक्का, पूरा, सब

Use of "Bleak" word in sentences, examples

  • Trump's team concedes both publicly and privately that his electoral map is becoming bleak.
  • A new study paints a bleak picture of the financial situations of Gen Xers and baby boomers in Erie County.
  • Senior forecaster Stephen King said it would remain bleak in Melbourne for the rest of the weekend, with more cold air on the way.
  • Barrier Reef report card paints bleak picture
  • And let's just say, that version of the future is bleak.

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