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Word TypeVerb
Word Definitioninvent something in order to deceive
Hindi Meaning of Fabricateझूठ बनाना, गड़ना, कल्पना करना, प्रपंच रचना, निर्माण करना, जाल बुनना, जालसाजी करना
Synonyms of FabricateDevise, Formulate, Concoct
Antonyms of FabricateDestroy, Ruin, Wreck

Use of "Fabricate" word in sentences, examples

  • I was haunted by the fear that she would, sooner or later, find me out, with a black face and hands, doing the coarsest part of my work, and would exult over me and despise me.
  • Neural stem cells have survived on the microfibers fabricated by Nastaran Hashemi and a team of Iowa State researchers.
  • Trump's stop-and-fabricate policy puts him in wrong again
  • The Clinton campaign would not confirm the authenticity of Podesta's leaked emails, noting that Russian hackers often fabricate documents.
  • Marilyn was known to fabricate stories to gain sympathy.

Similar words of "Fabricate"

Concoctपकाना, गड़ना, रचना करना, तैयार करना, निर्मित करना, निर्माण करना
Deviseइच्छापत्र, उतरदान, वसीयत, विचार करना, प्रयत्न करना, कोशिश करना, आविष्कार करना, छोड़ देना

Fabricate FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Fabricate is, झूठ बनाना, गड़ना, कल्पना करना, प्रपंच रचना, निर्माण करना, जाल बुनना, जालसाजी करना.

Similar words for Fabricate are Devise, Formulate, Concoct.

The Definition of Fabricate is invent something in order to deceive.

Destroy, Ruin, Wreck, are antonyms of the Fabricate word.

Fabricate is a Verb word.

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