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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitiondistant in space or time
Hindi Meaning of Farawayबहुत दूर, दूरवर्ती, सुदूर, अलग, निर्जन, दुष्ट, पृथक, उदासीन, फासले पर
Synonyms of FarawayDistant, Far, Far-Flung
Antonyms of FarawayClose, Nea, Attentive

Use of "Faraway" word in sentences, examples

  • For Swiss Tibetans, Dalai Lama visit preserves faraway home
  • Unison Group chief executive Ken Sutherland has a faraway look in his eyes when he talks of the potential of Indonesia.
  • Besides, limiting Iran's nuclear program helps nearby Saudi Arabia even more than it does the faraway United States.
  • Coastal investors are buying and renting out homes in cheap faraway markets using property management companies. 
  • Some of the most difficult Pokemon to catch in Pokemon Go are those that are incredibly far away from the player. 

Similar words of "Faraway"

Distantअलग, दूर, उदासीन, न्यारा, रुखा, सुदूर, सुदूरवर्ती, दूर का, फासले पर

Faraway FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Faraway is, बहुत दूर, दूरवर्ती, सुदूर, अलग, निर्जन, दुष्ट, पृथक, उदासीन, फासले पर.

Similar words for Faraway are Distant, Far, Far-Flung.

The Definition of Faraway is distant in space or time.

Close, Nea, Attentive, are antonyms of the Faraway word.

Faraway is a Adjective word.

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