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Find Hindi meaning of Gag. Build English vocabulary online and learn similar words, opposite words and uses of "Gag" in sentences with examples. "Gag" का मतलब हिंदी में जानिये और अंग्रेजी की शब्दावली सुधारें।

Definition of "Gag"

nouna bit of fabric put in or over a man's mouth to keep them from talking
verbput a gag on someone

Similar words, opposite words and meaning in Hindi of "Gag"

Hindi Meaning of Gagप्रतिबन्ध, मजाक, हास्य-कथा, परिहास, हंसी करना, बोलने न देना, चुप करना
Synonyms of GagBurke, Choke, Muffle
Antonyms of GagRelease, Permit, Unbiock

Related Synonyms of "Gag" with Hindi meaning

Quenchनष्ट करना, शांत करना, ठंडा करना, बुझाना, कुचलना, दबाना, दमन करना
Repressरोकना, मना करना,, कुचल देना, दमन करना, याचना दबाना, साँस दबाना, गला घोटना

Use of "Gag" word in sentences, examples

  • The couch gag normally runs for 45 seconds, but Planet of the Couches offers an extra two minutes of bonus content.
  • Over the years, The Simpsons' legendary couch gags have taken us across the universe, into the future, and even into other TV shows.
  • PCC given 10 days to answer gag plea
  • Alongside the subpoena, OWS was also issued with a gag order preventing the company revealing the demands. 
  • Jeremy Corbyn mocks Theresa May over Brexit plans with Blackadder gag.

Learn more words starts by letter "G"

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  • Grueling - थकाऊ
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  • Gaffe - भरी भूल
  • Gainsay - चुनौती देना
  • Grant - अनुदान
  • Glorify - गौरवान्वित करना
  • Glower - तिरछी आँखों से देखना
  • Gratuitous - अप्रमाणिक

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