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Find Hindi meaning of Irrelevant. Build English vocabulary online and learn similar words, opposite words and uses of "Irrelevant" in sentences with examples. "Irrelevant" का मतलब हिंदी में जानिये और अंग्रेजी की शब्दावली सुधारें।

Definition of "Irrelevant"

adjectivenot connected with

Similar words, opposite words and meaning in Hindi of "Irrelevant"

Hindi Meaning of Irrelevantबेलगाम, व्यर्थ, अप्रासंगिक, असंगत, असम्बद्ध, निष्फली, बेजोड़, बेमतलब
Synonyms of IrrelevantExtraneous, Immaterial, Impertinent
Antonyms of IrrelevantAppropriate, Relevant, Pertinent

Related Antonyms of "Irrelevant" with Hindi meaning

Appositeउचित, उपयुक्त, प्रसंगानुकूल, यथावसर, सही समय पर, के संदर्भ में, के विषय में
Germaneमूल तात्विक, मौलिक, उपयुक्त, सांगत, वास्तविक, उचित, योग्य, प्रासंगिक
Pertinentउचित, उपयुक्त, ठीक, प्रासंगिक, योग्य, उघत, ठीक, तत्पर, प्रवर्त, प्रस्तुत

Use of "Irrelevant" word in sentences, examples

  • It's pretty irrelevant and doesn't work the way that most people assume.
  • The Atlanta Falcons awarded an irrelevantcompensation pick.
  • We're watching a company explode': is Snapchat becoming irrelevant?
  • Do you know how Innocence Becomes Irrelevant.
  • This Budget is irrelevant but government could shoot itself in the foot.

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