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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionexisting at or from the beginning of time
Hindi Meaning of Primordialमूल, आरम्भिक, सिद्धांत, मौलिक, आदिकालीन, आदिम, प्रथम, प्राचीन, शुरू का
Synonyms of PrimordialEarliest, Initial, Maiden
Antonyms of PrimordialLast, Latest, Final

Use of "Primordial" word in sentences, examples

  • Irish Metal Legends Primordial's New Album Is a Raw-Edged Epic
  • Primordial horse of the steppe is gone forever
  • Some of the audience can't contain their excitement at the unleashing of this music of primordial power
  • Astrophysics used this logic to calculate today's remnants of the primordial magnetic fields in our cosmic neighbourhood.
  • Exotic creatures from the basement of Earth time, a primordial world that is neither land nor sea

Primordial FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Primordial is, मूल, आरम्भिक, सिद्धांत, मौलिक, आदिकालीन, आदिम, प्रथम, प्राचीन, शुरू का.

Similar words for Primordial are Earliest, Initial, Maiden.

The Definition of Primordial is existing at or from the beginning of time.

Last, Latest, Final, are antonyms of the Primordial word.

Primordial is a Adjective word.

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