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Find Hindi meaning of Ramble. Build English vocabulary online and learn similar words, opposite words and uses of "Ramble" in sentences with examples. "Ramble" का मतलब हिंदी में जानिये और अंग्रेजी की शब्दावली सुधारें।

Definition of "Ramble"

verbwalk for pleasure in the countryside.
nouna walk taken for pleasure in the countryside.

Similar words, opposite words and meaning in Hindi of "Ramble"

Hindi Meaning of Rambleइधर-उधर भटकना, घूमना, भर्मण करना, सैर करना, असंगत बाते करना
Synonyms of RambleDrift, Meander, Roam
Antonyms of RambleDirect, Guide, Stay

Related Synonyms of "Ramble" with Hindi meaning

Wanderबहकाना, भटकना, चला जाना, विचलित, सेर करना, विचलित होना

Use of "Ramble" word in sentences, examples

  • The Orange Apple Ramble includes apple bobbing and apple peeling competitions for the children
  • Ramble FX has introduced the Kismet, an all-new overdrive/distortion pedal.
  • Emma Brandl will take part in the third Rainbow Ramble event
  • Minute by minute at Donald Trump's rambling Ohio 'infrastructure
  • Four-mile ramble lets you see the wood for Purley's beech trees

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