1834 in History – What happened in year 1834

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In history, year 1834 has its own importance and known for many memorable events like famous birthdays, inventions, natural disaster, treaties, change of rulers, special days etc. Find below a list of important historical events which happened during the year 1834.

Top Historical Events of the Year 1834 ⚡:

Date/MonthEvent / Incidence / Incident
06 marchYork, Upper Canada, was incorporated as Toronto.
07 julyIn New York City, four nights of rioting against abolitionistsbegan, fueled by rumors that they were encouraging miscegenation.
01 augustThe Slavery Abolition Act 1833 came into force, officiallyabolishing slavery in most of the British Empire.
16 octoberMost of the Palace of Westminster in London was destroyed in afire.
03 decemberThe German Customs Union instituted the first regular census in Germany.
02 NovemberOn this day a ship named Atlas reached Mauritius with Indian laborers. Which is celebrated as the immigrant day there.
23 DecemberJoseph Hansum patented the passenger horse carriage \safety Cab\.
03 JanuaryStephen F. Austin was arrested in Mexico City by the Mexican government.
03 FebruaryWake Forest University was established.
14 MarchJohn Herschel discovers the now open cluster of stars, now known as NGC 3603, from the Cape of Good Hope.
14 AprilThe Whig Party was officially nominated by United States Senator Henry Clay.
01 MayBelgian parliament accepted railway laws
21 JuneAmerican inventor and businessman Cyrus Hall patented the McCormick harvesting machine.
24 JulyThe Liberal War ended in Portugal.
15 AugustThe South Australia Act gave permission for a colony to be built there.
13 SeptemberThe Gleaner newspaper was first published in Jamaica.
16 OctoberThe Palace of Westminster was destroyed by fire.
14 NovemberWilliam Thomson entered the University of Glasgow after 10 years and 4 months.
03 DecemberThe first regular census was established in Zolverin Germany, at which time the population of Germany was 23,478,120.

Famous birthdays in the year 1834:

Date/MonthName / Profession / Country
01 January Ludovic Halévy / Author / France
02 AugustFrédéric Auguste Bartholdi / Sculptor / France
04 MayViktor Hartmann / Painter / Russia
05 January William John Wills / Surgeon / United Kingdom
06 March George du Maurier / Author / United Kingdom
06 February Wilhelm von Scherff / Author / Germany
09 SeptemberJoseph Henry Shorthouse / Author / United Kingdom
09 February Felix Dahn / Historian / Germany
13 February Heinrich Caro / Academic / Germany
16 January Robert R. Hitt / Politician / United States of America
16 AprilCharles Lennox Richardson / Merchant / United Kingdom
16 DecemberLéon Walras / Economist / Switzerland
16 March James Hector / Surgeon / Scotland
17 January August Weismann / Biologist / Germany
17 March Gottlieb Daimler / Engineer / Germany
18 JuneAuguste-Théodore-Paul de Broglie / Philosopher / France
19 NovemberGeorg Hermann Quincke / Academic / Germany
23 MayJānis Frīdrihs Baumanis / Architect / Latvia
24 March William Morris / Poet / United Kingdom
26 AprilCharles Farrar Browne / Author / United States of America
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