1935 in History – What happened in year 1935

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In history, year 1935 has its own importance and known for many memorable events like famous birthdays, inventions, natural disaster, treaties, change of rulers, special days etc. Find below a list of important historical events which happened during the year 1935.

Top Historical Events of the Year 1935 ⚡:

Date/MonthEvent / Incidence / Incident
26 februaryAdolf Hitler ordered the German air force Luftwaffe reinstated,violating the Treaty of Versailles signed at the end of the First WorldWar.
26 februaryWith the aid of a radio station in Daventry, England, and tworeceiving antennas, Scottish engineer and inventor Robert Watson-Wattfirst demonstrated the use of radar.
28 februaryWorking with polyamides to developing a new viable fiber for the chemical company DuPont, American chemist Wallace Carothers invented nylon.
01 aprilIndia decided it wanted to control all the money in the country.
14 aprilA massive dust storm swept across Oklahoma and northern Texas,removing an estimated 300,000 short tons (270,000 t) of topsoil.
27 mayThe United States Supreme Court ruled in Schechter PoultryCorp. v. United States that the National Industrial Recovery Act, amajor component of the New Deal, was unconstitutional.
29 mayThe Messerschmitt Bf 109, the most produced fighter aircraft inhistory, had its first flight.
31 mayA 7.7 Mw earthquake struck Balochistan in the British Raj, nowpart of Pakistan, killing anywhere between 30,000 and 60,000 people.
10 juneAmerican physician Bob Smith had his last alcoholic drink,marking the traditional founding date of Alcoholics Anonymous.
13 juneIn one of the biggest upsets in championship boxing, underdog James J. Braddock defeated Max Baer to become the heavyweight champion of the world.
25 juneDiplomatic relations between the Soviet Union and Colombia were established. Colombia–Russia relations refer to the bilateral and foreign relations between the Colombia and Russia. Diplomatic relations between Colombia and the USSR were established for the first time. Colombia has an embassy in Moscow and Russia has an embassy in Bogotá.
01 julyGrant Park Music Festival, the United States' only annual freeoutdoor classical music concert series, began its tradition of freesymphonic music concerts in Chicago's Grant Park.
28 julyThe Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress heavy bomber aircraft, whichdropped more bombs than any other U.S. aircraft in World War II, madeits first flight.
06 augustIn Hollywood, California Dr. Ralph Willard, a doctor from the state of Georgia in Russia, has effectively frozen a monkey named Jekal and brought it back to life. The doctor has also frozen guinea pigs and revived them. However, the human societies protested when he wanted to experiment on dogs and howls.
07 augustFlying ants’ were swarming London, England, even interrupting a tennis tournament. A large amount of the harmful insects were invading pantries and gathering at every door. Authorities say that this was the most destructive attack of pestilence in 25 years.
30 augustThe Wealth Tax Act, an initiative of President Roosevelt, imposed more taxes on rich citizens and big businesses, while lowering taxes for small businesses.
31 augustIn an effort to stay out of the growing European conflict, theUnited States passed the first of its Neutrality Acts.
08 septemberUS Senator Huey Long was fatally shot in Baton Rouge,Louisiana.
15 septemberGerman Jews are stripped of their citizenship, reducing them to subjects of the state, this was only part of Hitler changes to Jews as they were disqualified from public office and professions, and also not allowed to marry Aryans.
15 septemberNazi Germany enacted the Nuremberg Laws, which deprived GermanJews of citizenship, and adopted a new national flag emblazoned with aswastika.
03 octoberItalian forces under General Emilio De Bono invaded Abyssinia during the opening stages of the Second Italo-Abyssinian War.
18 octoberItalian bombers bombed camps where Ethiopian women and children were believed to be secure. Meanwhile, Ethiopian warriors try to fight against the attacking Italian army with weaponry and aircraft.
25 octoberA huge hurricane killing more than two thousand people and leaving many homeless and hungry hit Haiti.
03 novemberAlmost 98% of the reported votes in a Greek plebiscite supported the restoration of George II as King of the Hellenes.
06 novemberThe Hawker Hurricane, the aircraft responsible for 60% of theRoyal Air Force's air victories in the Battle of Britain, made its firstflight.
08 novemberA large hurricane passed through the Bahamas, striking the capital city, Nassau. This hurricane had earlier hit Miami and Florida and had damaged property worth 3 million dollars.
15 novemberThe Commonwealth of the Philippines was officially established,with Manuel L. Quezon inaugurated as its president.
12 decemberThe Nazi Lebensborn programme, which was later mistakenlybelieved to engage in coercive breeding, was established to provideassistance to the wives of SS members and unmarried mothers.
12 decemberThe Nazi Lebens born programme, which was later mistakenly believed to engage in coercive breeding, was established to provideassistance to the wives of SS members and unmarried mothers.
28 decemberPolitician Pavel Postyshev revived the New Year tree tradition in the Soviet Union when Pravda published his letter asking for them to be installed in schools, children's homes, Young Pioneer Palaces, children's clubs, children's theaters, and cinema theaters.

Famous birthdays in the year 1935:

Date/MonthName / Profession / Country
03 JulyHarrison Schmitt / Astronaut / United States of America
03 March Zhelyu Zhelev / Politician / Bulgaria
03 March Mal Anderson / Tennis Player / Australia
03 NovemberIngrid Rüütel / Academic / Estonia
03 AugustJohn Erman / Actor / United States of America
04 January Walter Mahlendorf / Sprinter / Germany
05 SeptemberHelen Gifford / Educator / Australia
06 DecemberJean Lapointe / Singer / Canada
10 OctoberJudith Chalmers / Actress / United Kingdom
13 DecemberArthur Summons / Rugby Player / Australia
14 DecemberLee Remick / Actress / United States of America
15 AugustVernon Jordan / Business Man / United States of America
16 JulyCarl Epting Mundy / General / United States of America
18 DecemberRosemary Leach / Actress / United Kingdom
18 January Jon Stallworthy / Poet / United Kingdom
19 DecemberJoanne Weaver / Baseball Player / United States of America
28 SeptemberBruce Crampton / Golfer / Australia
28 NovemberFrik du Preez / Rugby Player / South Africa
30 SeptemberJohnny Mathis / Singer / United States of America
30 OctoberMichael Winner / Director / United Kingdom

Famous Indian Personalities Birthdays in the year 1935:

YearName / Profession / Country
24 January Shivabalayogi / Religious Leader / India
29 NovemberGurbachan Singh Salaria / Soldier / India
23 SeptemberPrem Chopra / Actor / India
12 OctoberShivraj Patil / Politician / India
01 JanuaryOm Prakash Chautala / Politician / India
07 JanuaryShashikala Kakodkar / Politician / India
08 DecemberDharmendra / Actor / India
11 DecemberPranab Mukherjee / Politician / India
20 FebruaryN. Janardhana Reddy / Politician / India
11 DecemberPranab Mukherjee / Politician / India
08 DecemberDharmendra / Actor / India
12 DecemberV. Rama Rao / Politician / India
NA NABipin Chandra Joshi / Soldier / India
12 OctoberShivraj V Patil / Politician / India
06 OctoberMahendra Singh Tikait / Politician / India
23 SeptemberPrem Chopra / Actor / India
01 January Om Prakash Chautala / Politician / India
18 JulyJayendra Saraswathi / Spritual Leader / India
11 DecemberPranab Mukherjee / Politician / India
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