2010 in History – What happened in year 2010

✅ Published on April 11th, 2009 in 21st Century in History

In history, year 2010 has its own importance and known for many memorable events like famous birthdays, inventions, natural disaster, treaties, change of rulers, special days etc. Find below a list of important historical events which happened during the year 2010.

Top Historical Events of the Year 2010 ⚡:

Date/MonthEvent / Incidence / Incident
01 januaryA suicide bomber killed 95 people in Pakistan, injuring over 100 and destroyed 20 houses at a volleyball game in Lakki Marwat.
02 januaryA 28-year old Somali male was shot for breaking into Jyllands-Pasten Muhammad cartoonist Jurt Westergaard's home and threatened his family with an axe.
03 januaryAustralian researchers discovered the first plane taken to Antarctica in 1912.
04 januaryThe Burj Khalifa skyscraper, the world's tallest structure, officially opened in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
05 januaryThe World Food Program announced as it will suspend operations in Somalia due to increased instability in the region.
06 januaryExtreme cold temperatures across Europe led to 122 deaths in Poland and 7 died in Switzerland as a result of an avalanche.
07 januaryMuslim gunmen opened fire on a crowd of Coptic Christians leaving church after celebrating a midnight Christmas Mass, killing eight of them as well as one Muslim bystander.
08 januaryThe Parliament in Portugal has given an approval for same sex marriage. The Parliament has legalized the bill.
08 januaryGunmen from an offshoot of the Front for the Liberation of the Enclave of Cabinda attacked the bus transporting the Togo national football team to the Africa Cup of Nations, killing three.
10 januaryChina has become the world's largest exporter. It has surpassed Germany.
11 januaryThe discovery of new tombs near the great pyramids proves that the Egypt's pyramids were built by free worker, not slaves.
12 januaryDue to an earthquake of magnitude of 7.0,Port-au-Prince the capital city of Haiti suffer from a destructive earthquake and it was estimated that 15000 people were killed.
12 januaryA 7.0 Mw earthquake struck Haiti, affecting an estimated three million people.
15 januaryAn army colonel and a military commander of Bejaija were killed by the Muslim fundamentalists in north Algeria.
17 januaryAli Hasan al-Majid, Former Iraqi minister is found to death because of a poisonous gas attack at Halabja. He was also known to be as chemical Ali, the chemical man.
17 januaryThe first spate of violence between Muslims and Christians Began in Jos, Nigeria, and would end in more than 200 deaths.
18 januaryChina begins text message surveillance by blocking customers from the country's two largest operators and or lewd messages.
19 januaryUnited States Navy troops had landed near the Haitian presidential palace. The troops have arrived with food, and other equipments to aid the victims of the earthquake.
20 january6.1 magnitude aftershock stroked Haiti just after heavy earthquake.
21 januaryToyota Company announced recalls for just about 5.2 million vehicles for a pedal entrapment and floor mat problem.
22 januaryThe policies surrounding energy shortages and currency revaluation of the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez made the people demonstrate against him.
23 januarySix Venezulean cable television channels are banned by the government for refusing to transmit government messages.
25 januaryChina has discovered new traces of melamine in milk products. Thousands of children became ill from melamine in milk in China.
25 januaryEthiopian Airlines Flight 409, en route to Addis Ababa,Ethiopia, crashed into the Mediterranean Sea shortly after takeoff fromBeirut, Lebanon, killing all 90 people aboard.
26 januaryJames Cameron's film Avatar becomes the highest grossing film of all time. It has crossed the record of collection of his own film, Titanic.
31 januaryAvatar became the first film to earn over $2 billion worldwide.
01 februaryBarack Obama, the US president proposed a $3.8 trillion budget for fiscal 2011 which projects to be high record budget deficit of $1.6 trillion in fiscal 2010.
02 februaryThe World food programme reported that 4.3 million people were suffering from hunger in Sudan. This number has quadrupled since 2009.
03 februaryA North-Korean flagged cargo ship in south of Yemen was seized by the Somalian pirates.
03 februaryA cast of L'Homme qui marche I by Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti sold for £65 million (US$103.7 million), setting the record for most expensive sculpture sold at a public auction.

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