Guidelines to Ask a Question

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Please select an appropriate category for you question and give some brief about question with related tags. It will help to us the customize the whole questions and answer system to deliver a great content according to your need.

Before asking a question do the following:
  1. Try to find an answer by searching the archives of the forum you plan to post to.
  2. Try to find an answer by searching the site.
  3. Try to find an answer by reading the manual.
  4. Try to find an answer by inspection or experimentation.
  5. Try to find an answer by asking a skilled friend.
  6. Write in clear, grammatical, correctly-spelled language.
  7. Make it easy to reply.
  8. Use meaningful, specific subject questions.
  9. Be precise and informative about your problem.
  10. Queries must be labeled with the most appropriate category.
  11. Queries must be easy for others to read.
  12. Don't flag your question as “Urgent”, even if it is for you.
  13. Not to ask Nudity and sexually explicit questions
  14. Not to ask Violent or bullying behavior
  15. Questions must be related to General Knowledge or Education.
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