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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitionthe establishment
Hindi Meaning of Inceptionआरम्भ, प्रारम्भ, शुरू, सूत्रपात, उद्गम, जड़, निकास
Synonyms of InceptionBeginning, Commencement, Inauguration
Antonyms of InceptionConclusion, End, Finish

Use of "Inception" word in sentences, examples

  • We wanted the best,” explained Kevin Malloy, Head of Production at Inception, about the decision to use the Ozo.
  • This war differed very materially in its inception and conduct from the first and second.
  • In some Sphacelariaceae branches may appear at their inception as lateral protuberances of the apical cell itself.
  • The liberality which a generation later was recognized by Clement of Rome as a traditional virtue of the Corinthian Church owed its inception to Titus.
  • Ne'Rin was a man whose forefathers had been chief advisors to the dhjan dynasty since Anshan's inception and had served A'Ran's family for a millennium.

Similar words of "Inception"

Cessationठहराव, विरति, विराम, अंत, छुट्टी, अवसान, इति

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