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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionunprincipled.
Hindi Meaning of Reprobateनास्तिक, बदमाश, कुकर्मी, दुरात्मा, अपराधी ठहराना, बदनाम करना
Synonyms of ReprobateEvil, Immoral, Iniquitous
Antonyms of ReprobateVirtuous, Just, True

Use of "Reprobate" word in sentences, examples

  • Following Smith, Warner and Bancroft's involvement in the reprobate act that had unfolded at Newlands last month
  • Production has gotten underway on “Reprobate,” a London-set movie about a romance between a boy from a tough public-housing project
  • Aussie skipper Steve Smith, who has been banned for a year for his involvement in the reprobate act of ball tampering at Newlands
  • CEO who ran off with the money, didn't turn up to work a lot, and generally behaved like a reprobate not a boss.
  • He is a reprobate individual, without honour or shame.

Similar words of "Reprobate"

Deploreविलाप करना, अफ़सोस करना, दुःख प्रकट करना, दुखी होना, पश्चाताप करना
Wickedदुष्ट, पापी, बुरा, दुश्चरित्र, भृष्ट, अन्यायपूर्ण, अनैतिक, देषपूर्ण, निर्दयी, बदमिजाज

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