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Word TypeVerb
Word Definitionreduce costs or spending in response to economic difficulty.
Hindi Meaning of Retrenchसीमा बंधना, किफ़ायत करना, खर्च घटना, मोर्चा बांधना, काम करना, काट डालना, निकलना
Synonyms of RetrenchConserve, Curtail, Cut Down
Antonyms of RetrenchExtend, Lengthen, Prolong

Use of "Retrench" word in sentences, examples

  • The Chinese Cruise Market Continues to Retrench
  • He confirmed that the bank will not be retrenching any workers as they move towards a more digital forefront.
  • A group of Muslim rebels is retrenching in the Philippines for what could lead to another fight against the government after a five-month war last year.
  • The Union also wants the state-owned enterprise to agree not to retrench any employees within the next financial year.
  • Companies will pass on the increases to the consumer through price and fee hikes, or may have to retrench workers to stay profitable

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