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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionproduced by inbreeding
Hindi Meaning of Inbredअन्तर्भव, जन्मजात, स्वाभाविक, सहज, पैदायशी, सजातीय, जन्मसिद्ध, प्राकृतिक, उदभूत
Synonyms of InbredNative, Natural, Congenital
Antonyms of InbredExtra, Additional, Foreign

Use of "Inbred" word in sentences, examples

  • Spencer suspects many of the cats are being inbred, and calls this kind of treatment 'unhealthy and cruel.
  • They're all inbred. They're scared to death
  • It's a philosophy. It is an inbred defiance of the mundane, of the colourless, of the easy way out.
  • Feral cats typically inbreed, which is very bad for the cats. Inbred cats don't live long and have more health problems, especially heart disease.
  • So many of us in biomedical research rely on the use of inbred mice to test our hypotheses.

Similar words of "Inbred"

Inherentअंतर्जात, जन्मी, पैदायशी, सहज, स्वाभाविक, प्राकर्तिक

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