What is Mission Daksh

Bihar government launched the scheme Mission Daksh to reduce the number of school dropouts. Mission Daksh aims to provide special Hindi, Mathematics and English classes to weaker students from class 3 to class 8 across the state. Teachers of related subjects will teach them. Such children will not be taught in groups. Therefore, one teacher will not teach more than five children. For this, every teacher will adopt five children and make them qualified.

Daksh classes were successfully conducted between 3.30 pm to 4.15 pm in more than 60,000 schools across the state. An estimated five lakh teachers taught more than 25 lakh students. The state government has not set any deadline for special classes. The idea behind the move is to reduce the school dropout rate.

District wise monitoring for 'Mission Daksh'

  • To ensure effective implementation of ‘Mission Daksh’, district-wise monitoring committees led by District Magistrates will monitor the progress of the programme.
  • The committees will play a key role in daily supervision starting from December 1.
  • A large number of academically weak students were identified during regular monitoring after inspection, the Department gives priority to the identification of such students.
  • ‘Mission Daksh’ focuses on addressing the individual needs of these students to enhance their academic performance.

Bihar's continuous commitment to education reform

The ‘Mission Daksh’ initiative is in line with the broader efforts of the Nitish Kumar government to enhance the quality of education in Bihar. The initiative follows previous measures, including engagement with parents of low-attendance students, to demonstrate the government's commitment to addressing educational challenges at multiple levels.

  Last update :  2 December 2023
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