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Information about countries: Friends, our earth is very big, in which many big continents are located and but maximum part of our earth is covered by water, do you know that 71% of the earth is covered by water? 1.6 percent of the water is underground and 0.001 percent is in the form of vapor and clouds. Out of the water on Earth's surface, 97 percent is in the seas and oceans, which is salty and cannot be used for drinking. Apart from this, we can live only on 29% of the remaining land, so how many countries are there on this land, today, through the information of these countries, how many countries are there in the whole world? And which country is which island island? lies on? We currently have a total of 195 countries on this earth. 193 countries are members of the United Nations. In which Taiwan and Vatican City were not included. But these figures cannot be said to be absolutely correct, but for general knowledge, this answer can be correct.

Although there are more than 240 countries and territories all over the world, but according to the recognition provided by the United States, there are currently 196 countries in the world, out of which 193 countries are members of the United Nations, including Taiwan, Palestine and Vatican City (Holy See). ) is not included.

Here you will find various topics of general knowledge about all the countries of the world like: interesting facts and historical information of the country, brief information of the country, history of the country, geography of the country, economy of the country, language of the country, interesting facts related to the country And get important information, historical important events of the country, list of cities of the country, list of neighboring countries, which are very beneficial for your all types of competitive exams.



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