General Knowledge for Competitive Exams 2021

Important General Knowledge Topics for Competitive Exams 2021

This website provides detailed and accurate information and important general knowledge to all the candidates preparing for competitive examinations. You can get general general knowledge based on the questions and answers related to the history, geography, political science, economics, science and technology, arts and culture etc. asked in IAS, PCS, SSC, CDS and banking. You will also get a lot of knowledge about famous people, historical monuments, famous places, forts, amazing information about countries.

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General Knowledge Quiz: General Knowledge Quiz covers many topics like Indian and World Geography and History Question Answer, Everyday Science, International Organization, Awards and Honors, Indian Economy and Politics, Indian Constitution, Current Affairs etc.

General Knowledge Studies: The latest General Knowledge enables you to score high and you will get the exam for all the 2020 Government Job Exams like Banking, SSC, CLAT, UPSC, State PCS, IBPS, Railways and other competitive exams and During the interview, they give an opportunity to get ahead of others.

India: India General Knowledge 2021: Here you can list various topics of India General Knowledge like: High officials of India, Indian states geographical information, Who is the latest in India, History of India year, etc. Apart from this, you can know the history of ancient India, geography, awards and honors, Indian economics, Indian politics, famous people of India, Indian book and author and information about major important events of India.

Current Affairs: News Summary, Appointment, Resignation, Sports and Players, Politics, Awards and Honors, Important Days, Deaths, Reports, Business, Planning, Politics, Education, Book on Current Events of National and International Importance of Latest Current Affairs 2020 And important current affairs related to author, economy, accident, science, technology, geography, records, settlement, conference and entertainment etc.

Today's History: Events in history that we would be proud to know, we can be emotional, we can be surprised. Let us know about some important events like the creation of a record in sports, the birth or death of a famous person, the independence of a country, the war treaty in world history, any geographical discovery or science field. New invention. All events have been presented according to each date and their year.

History Year wise: Through this section you will learn about important events that took place in India and world history between 17th century to 20th century. The events which have been recorded forever in the pages of history have been presented by the year so that you can remember them easily.

Important Days: Why is today so important. What happened today that this day became special. Know such interesting facts that will tell the specialty of this day. Here you will get detailed general knowledge about international (world) and national (India) important days and days and dates.

Famous Person: Know about the famous people who have won the glory of their work style or have made their valuable contribution. Here you will get information about biographies of famous people in India and the world, their achievements and important facts related to them, such as history, geography, sociology, science, technology, literature, sports, politics, awards and honors and entertainment.

Famous Things: In this part, you will know all the famous historical monuments, forts, palaces, mosques, mausoleums, temples and minarets of the world and India, such as who built them, when it was built, how much it cost, what is its architecture, and from them Interesting facts related to.

Know the Countries: Know interesting facts and unique information related to all the countries, which will help in answering the questions in your exam. Geographical information of each country, capital, currency, organization year, independence year etc.