This website provides detailed and accurate information and important general knowledge to all the candidates preparing for competitive examinations. You can get general general knowledge based on the questions and answers related to the history, geography, political science, economics, science and technology, arts and culture etc. asked in IAS, PCS, SSC, CDS and banking. You will also get a lot of knowledge about famous people, historical monuments, famous places, forts, amazing information about countries.


History of India and the World: Friends, in this chapter you can learn about the major dynasties of Indian history, important movements, major wars and treaties of India and the world, rebellions, historical events, list of viceroys of India, etc. | History of India and World

📁   Ancient Indian History
📁   Medieval Indian History
📁   Modern Indian History
📁   Ancient World History
📁   Medieval World History
📁   Modern World History
📁   India Important Events
📁   World Important Events

Geography of India and the World in 2024: Here you can learn about major straits of the world, major islands of the world, major international lines of the world, major dams of India, types of Indian climate etc. | Geography of India and the World in 2024

📁   Physical Geography of India
📁   Human Geography of India
📁   Physical Geography of World
📁   Human Geography of World

Politics of India and World: You will study politics in this chapter in two parts, which include politics in India and politics in the world. And their subjects include India's systems, India's politics, public administration, global political systems, history of world politics.

📁   Indian Politics
📁   World Politics

Important topics of economics: Friends, through this chapter, you can get general knowledge about important topics and facts related to economics. Most Important Topics on Economy

📁   Indian Economics
📁   World Economics

General Science for Competitive Exams: Friends, through this post you can get information about important interesting facts related to science subject inventions, bacteria and protozoa etc | General Science Topics for Competitive Exams

📁   Chemical Science
📁   Biological Sciences
📁   Physics
📁   Space Science
📁   Medical Science

In this Chapter, you will study the topics of sports in four parts, which include Cricket sports, Olympic sports, international sports competitions and other important information related to sports.

📁   Cricket
📁   Olympic
📁   International Sports Events
📁   Other Sports Information

Important Awards and Honors 2024: The list of important awards in India includes civilian awards, military awards, medical awards, leadership awards, literary awards, sports and adventure awards etc. | Important Awards and Honors 2024

📁   Sports Awards
📁   Literature Award
📁   Film Awards
📁   Padma Awards
📁   Nobel Prizes
📁   National Awards
📁   International Awards

In this Chapter you will study the topics of organization in India and the World in four parts, In which the First part includes the national or Government Departments, Organizations, bodies and Institutions of India. The Second part includes National military organizations of India, Third part International Organizations and the fourth part Sports

📁   Government Organizations
📁   Indian Army Organizations
📁   International Organizations
📁   Sports Organizations

Important Topics of India General Knowledge 2024: Here you can know the list of Prime Ministers of India in 2024, List of all Presidents of India, Current Chief Minister and Governor of all states of India in India. | India General Knowledge 2024 Important Topics

📁   Ministers of Government of India
📁   Chief Ministers of Indian States
📁   Ancient Dynasties of India
📁   Current Indian Government 2023
📁   Indian States
📁   Indian Union Territories
📁   Miscellaneous GK of India
📁   Government Recruitments in India

World General Knowledge 2024: Friends, in this chapter you can learn about various topics of World General Knowledge or World GK like: Major crops and producing countries of the world, First famous women and men in the world etc | General knowledge of the world 2024

📁   Ancient World History
📁   Medieval World History
📁   Modern World History
📁   Human Geography of World
📁   World Politics
📁   World Economics
📁   International Sports Events
📁   International Organizations
📁   International Days (Global)
📁   Miscellaneous GK of World

In this Chapter you will read the Topics of India's schemes in Four parts, which include schemes released by the Prime Minister, Government schemes, Schemes for women and Schemes for children.

📁   Prime Ministers Schemes
📁   Schemes for Unemployment
📁   Schemes for Women
📁   Schemes for Childrens
📁   Government Schemes of India

Importance of Today Day in History: In today's history events, the making of a record in the sports world, the birth and death of a Famous Person, the Attainment of Independence by a Country, etc. have been told.

📁   History of January
📁   History of February
📁   History of March
📁   History of April
📁   History of May
📁   History of June
📁   History of July
📁   History of August
📁   History of September
📁   History of October
📁   History of November
📁   History of December

Famous tourist places of India and the world in the year 2024: Through this chapter, you will get information about the historical monuments of the country and the world, famous forts of the world, famous palaces of the world, world famous mosques. | Most Famous Historical Tourist Places of India and World

📁   Historical Monuments
📁   Famous Forts
📁   Famous Temples
📁   Famous Mosques
📁   Famous Palaces
📁   Famous Towers
📁   Famous Places

Here you will get important information about various topics of general knowledge about all the countries of the world like interesting facts and historical information about the country, brief information about the country, history of the country etc. | GK of World's all Countries

📁   Africa Continent
📁   North America Continent
📁   Asia Continent
📁   Australia Continent
📁   Oceania Archipelago
📁   South America Continent
📁   Europe Continent

History of 17th century to 20th century: Friends, through this post you will learn about the important events that happened between 17th century to 20th century in India and world history. History of 17th century to 20th century

📁   18th Century History
📁   19th Century History
📁   20th Century History
📁   21st Century History

SSC Quizzes 2024: Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is an organization under the Government of India that recruits staff for various posts in various Ministries and Departments and Subordinate Offices of the Government of India.

📁   SSC CAPF Quiz
📁   SSC CGL Quiz
📁   SSC CHSL Quiz
📁   SSC CML Quiz
📁   SSC CPO Quiz
📁   SSC FCI Quiz
📁   SSC LDC Quiz
📁   SSC MTS Quiz
📁   SSC Quiz Other
📁   SSC SOA Quiz
📁   SSC SOC Quiz
📁   SSC STENO Quiz
📁   SSC TA Quiz

Non-verbal reasoning questions test the perception speed of the candidates through visuals, diagrams, figures and determine the thinking skills. By reading from here you can prepare for your upcoming exam which can help you to score good marks.

📁   Embedded Images Quiz
📁   Paper Folding Quiz
📁   Figure Formation Quiz
📁   Figure Matrix Quiz
📁   Water Image Quiz
📁   Paper Cutting Quiz
📁   Figure Completion Quiz
📁   Mirror Image Quiz
📁   Classification Quiz
📁   Series Image Quiz
📁   Similar Figure Quiz
📁   Analogy Quiz

Friends, through this post you will know about famous people born in India and world history. Here you will get to know about the birthdays of famous people from India as well as from different famous countries of the world. These famous people include people like politicians, sportsmen, writers, journalists, lawyers, kings and scientists etc. | Li

📁   Famous People Born in January
📁   Famous People Born in February
📁   Famous People Born in March
📁   Famous People Born in April
📁   Famous People Born in May
📁   Famous People Born in June
📁   Famous People Born in July
📁   Famous People Born in August
📁   Famous People Born in September
📁   Famous People Born in October
📁   Famous People Born in November
📁   Famous People Born in December

General Knowledge questions and answers section on History, Geography, Politics, Economics, Science, Sports, Awards, Organization, India, World, Schemes and plan for General Studies and GK preparation of government Exams.

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