The Chief Minister of Kerala is the chief executive of the Indian state of Kerala. In reality, the executive authority rests with the Chief Minister. Following Kerala Assembly elections, the Governor of the state usually invites the party with the majority to become the Chief Minister, whose council of ministers is collectively responsible to the Assembly.

Kerala's Chief Minister: Quick Facts

Current Chief MinisterPinarayi Vijayan
Political PartyMarxist Communist Party
Term of office5 years
Oath taking date25 May 2016
First Chief MinisterPanampilli Govind Menon

Current Chief Minister of Kerala 2023

Pinarayi Vijayan is an Indian communist politician who is the current Chief Minister of Kerala since 25 May 2016. In the 1996 assembly elections, LDF, headed by EK Nayanar, won the election and Vijayan was appointed as Power Minister. After resigning from the post of Electricity Minister in 1998, Vijayan took charge as the Secretary of CPI (M) for 18 years. He has been the longest secretary of CPI (M) Kerala State Committee (1998-2015). He is the first Chief Minister of Kerala to re -elected after completing the full tenure (five years) in the office.

History of Chief Minister of Kerala

The state of Kerala was formed on 1 November 1956 by combining Cochin, Malabar, Travancore and the Kasaragod region of South Canara. Since then 12 people have served as Chief Minister of Kerala. EMS Namboodiripat was the first Chief Minister of Kerala whose tenure was shortened due to the imposition of President's rule. CH Mohammed Koya is the shortest serving Chief Minister of Kerala with a tenure of only 53 days. EK Nayanar is the person who has served the longest period in this position for a total of 10 years, 353 days. Pinarayi Vijayan is the 12th current Chief Minister of Kerala.

Complete List of Chief Ministers of Kerala (1957-2023)

Here is the Latest updated Complete List of Kerala CM from 1957 to 2023 with Names, Service Period, and Political Parties Information:

Name of chief ministerTake officePost free
Panampilli Govind Menon01 September 1947October 1947
TK Nair27 October 194720 September 1948

List of Chief Ministers of Kerala from the year 1957 till date:

Name of chief ministerTake overPost freePolitical party
E. M. S. NamboodiripatApril 5, 1957July 31, 1959Communist Party of India
Pattam Tanu PillaiFebruary 22, 1960September 26, 1962Praja Socialist Party
R. ShankarSeptember 26, 1962September 10, 1964Indian National Congress
E. M. S. Namboodiripat +March 6, 1967November 1, 1969Communist Party of India (Marxist)
C Achyuta MenonNovember 1, 1969August 1, 1970Communist Party of India
C Achyuta Menon +October 1, 1970March 25, 1977Communist Party of India
K. KarunakaranMarch 25, 1977April 25, 1977Indian National Congress
AK AntonyApril 27, 1977October 27, 1978Indian National Congress
P.K. Vasudevan NairOctober 29, 1978October 7, 1979Communist Party of India
C. H. Muhammad KoyaOctober 12, 1979December 1, 1979Indian Union Muslim League
E. K. NayanarJanuary 25, 1980October 20, 1981Communist Party of India (Marxist)
K. Karunakaran +December 28, 1981March 17, 1982Indian National Congress
K. Karunakaran +May 24, 1982March 25, 1987Indian National Congress
E. K. Nayanar +March 26, 1987June 17, 1991Communist Party of India (Marxist)
K. Karunakaran +June 24, 1991March 16, 1995Indian National Congress
AK Antony +March 22, 1995May 9, 1996Indian National Congress
E. K. Nayanar +May 20, 1996May 13, 2001Communist Party of India (Marxist)
AK Antony +May 17, 2005August 29, 2004Indian National Congress
Umman ChandyAugust 31, 2004May 18, 2006Indian National Congress
VS AchuthanantanMay 18, 2006May 14 2011Communist Party of India (Marxist)
Umman Chandy18 May 201125 May 2016Indian National Congress
Pinarayi Vijayan25 May 2016PostedMarxist Communist Party

Note: The person who has + in front of him has been re-elected to the post of Chief Minister.

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