What is Indian Penal Code (IPC)?

The Indian Penal Code (IPC) is the official criminal code of India. It is a comprehensive code, Indian Penal Code was created in 1860 under the Charter Act 1833 under the chairmanship of Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay to keep Indian society legally organized. It came into force in British India during the British Raj in early 1862. The Indian Penal Code (IPC) is the main criminal code of India.

The Indian Penal Code defines and provides punishment for certain crimes committed by any citizen of India within India. But this code does not apply to the Indian Army. Earlier, the Ranbir Penal Code was applicable in its place in Jammu and Kashmir. There were a total of 511 sections in it. However, the Ranbir Penal Code was repealed on 31 October 2019, after the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Bill, 2019 was passed in the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha respectively.

Let us know which section of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) is imposed for which crime and what punishment is given in it. How many sections are there? Here we are also giving you the legal section list PDF to download:

List of important sections and punishments under the Indian Penal Code:

IPC Crime Punishment
13 To gamble Imprisonment for 1 year and fine of Rs 1000
34 Goods intention -
99 to 106 Right to use force for personal defense -
110 Punishment for abetment, if the person abetted acts with an intention other than the intention of the abettor Three year
120 Conspiracy -
141 Illegal assembly -
147 To rebel 2 years imprisonment/fine or both
156 (3) The owner or agent of the occupier for whose benefit the nuisance is committed, not using legal means to prevent the nuisance.T Monetary penalty
156 The owner or agent of the occupier for whose benefit the nuisance is committed, not using legal means to prevent the nuisance. Monetary penalty
161 Take bribe Imprisonment for 3 years/fine or both
171 lection bribery Imprisonment of 1 year / fine of Rs 500
177 Giving wrong information to government servant/police Imprisonment of 6 months / fine of Rs 1000
186 Obstruction in government work Imprisonment of 3 months / fine of Rs.
191 Giving false evidence Imprisonment up to 7 years and provision of fine
193 Perjury in court cases 3/7 years imprisonment and fine
201 Erasing evidence -
217 Giving false evidence in spite of being a public servant Imprisonment up to 2 years and provision of fine
216 Punishment for sheltering robbers/bandits -
224/25 lawful release from custody -2 years imprisonment/fine/both
231/32 Making counterfeit coins 7 years imprisonment and fine
255 Counterfeiting of government stamp 10 years or life imprisonment
264 Using wrong weight weights 1 year imprisonment/fine or both
267 To adulterate medicine -
272 Food/drinking adulteration Imprisonment of 6 months / fine of Rs 1000
274 /75 Selling adulterated drugs -
279 Rash driving on the road Imprisonment for 6 months or fine of 1000 rupees
292 Selling pornographic books Imprisonment of 2 years and fine of Rs.2000
294 Insult to any religion/religious place 2 years imprisonment
297 Trespass Imprisonment of 1 year and both fine
298 Hurting the religious sentiments of another person 1 year imprisonment or fine or both
302 Murder life imprisonment/death sentence
306 Abetment to suicide 10 years imprisonment and fine
308 Culpable homicide attempt 7 years imprisonment and fine
309 Attempt suicide 1 year imprisonment/fine/both
310 To cheat Life imprisonment and fine
312 TO have an abortion -
323 Intentionally hurt -
326 Hurt -
351 To attack -
354 Outrage a woman's modesty 2 years imprisonment/fine/both
362 Kidnapped -
363 Run away with a woman 7 years imprisonment and fine
366 Run away with a minor girl -
376 To rape 10 years/life imprisonment
377 Unnatural act crime 5 years imprisonment and fine
379 Steal (property) Imprisonment for 3 years/fine/both
392 Booty 10 years imprisonment
395 Robbery 10 years or life imprisonment
396 Murder during robbery -
406 Criminal breach of trust 3 years imprisonment/fine/both
415 To deceive -
417 To cheat 1 year imprisonment/fine/both
420 Fraudulently acquire property 7 years imprisonment and fine
445 Home break -
489 Counterfeit note making 10 Years Imprisonment / Life Imprisonment
493 Marry by deceit 10 years imprisonment and fine
494 Remarry while the spouse is alive 7 years imprisonment and fine
495 Remarry and maintain both relationships while the spouse is alive 10 years imprisonment and fine
496 Marry without consent 07 years imprisonment and fine
497 Commit adultery 5 years imprisonment and fine
498 Abducted or deceived a married woman Imprisonment for 2 years or fine or both
499 Defamation -
500 loss of value 2 years imprisonment and fine
506 Criminal intimidation -
509 Abusing a woman Simple imprisonment or fine
511 Punishment for attempt to commit offenses punishable with imprisonment for life -

5 important facts that come under the law of the country but we are unaware of them. Let's know these facts:

1. Women cannot be arrested in the evening: Indian Police cannot arrest any woman after 6 pm and before 6 am under the Code of Criminal Procedure, Section 46, no matter how serious the crime. Are. If the police is found doing so then a complaint (case) can be registered against the police officer making the arrest. This could put the job of that police officer in danger.

2. You can claim an insurance cover of up to Rs 40 Lakh on loss of life and property due to cylinder burst: Under the Public Liability Policy, if a cylinder bursts in your house due to any reason and you have to suffer loss of life and property, then you You can claim the insurance cover from the gas company immediately. Let us tell you that an insurance claim of up to Rs 40 lakh can be made from the gas company. If the company refuses or defers to pay your claim, then it can be complained. If found guilty, the license of the gas company can be canceled.

3. You can drink water in any hotel for free and use the wash room: According to the Indian Series Act, 1887, you can go to any hotel in the country and drink water and use the wash room of that hotel. can. Whether the hotel is small or 5 star, they cannot stop you. If the hotel owner or any employee prevents you from drinking water or using the wash room, then you can take action against them. Your complaint may result in cancellation of the license of that hotel.

4. Pregnant women cannot be fired: According to the Maternity Benefit Act 1961, pregnant women cannot be fired suddenly. The owner will have to give a notice of first three months and will have to pay some part of the expenses incurred during the pregnancy. If he does not do this, then a complaint can be lodged against him in the Government Employment Association. This complaint may result in the closure of the company or the company may have to pay a fine.

5. Police officer cannot refuse to register your complaint: According to section 166A of IPC, no police officer can refuse to register any complaint of yours. If he does so then a complaint can be lodged against him in the senior police office. If that police officer is found guilty, he can be imprisoned for at least 6 months to 1 year or he may have to lose his job.

It will be our endeavor that we keep many such interesting things in front of you, which will be useful in your life.

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