Birla Temple Quick Facts

PlaceConnaught Place, Delhi (India)
Built in1622 AD
Built byVeer Singh Deo
DedicatedLord Vishnu
Renovate byPrithvi Singh, Birla Family
ArchitectShrish Chandra Chatterjee
Architectural styleHindu Oriya

Birla Temple Overview

Located in Connaught Place, near Gol Market, Birla Mandir is one of the prominent temples in the national capital Delhi, also known as Laxmi Narayan Mandir. The Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi (Goddess of prosperity). The supernatural beauty of the idol of Mata Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu enshrined in the temple is made on seeing.

Birla Temple History

This magnificent temple located in Delhi was originally built by Veer Singh Deo in the year 1622. Later in the year 1793, it was renovated (repaired) by Prithvi Singh. In 1938, a member of the country's largest industrial family, the Birla Group, G. The temple was expanded and revived by D. Birla. The temple was inaugurated by the Father of the Nation of India Mahatma Gandhi on the condition that people of all castes would be allowed inside the temple. Located in the west part of Connaught Place, Temple is one of the major temples of Delhi and is a major tourist attraction.

Birla Temple Interesting Facts

  1. The exterior of the temple is made of white marble and red sandstone, reminiscent of the Mughal style.
  2. Kota stones of Makrana, Agra, Kota and Jaisalmer were used to build its complex.
  3. The main Temple houses the idols of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. There are other smaller shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord Narayan, Lord Ganesha and Hanuman. Apart from this, there is also a temple dedicated to Lord Buddha.
  4. The Temple faces east and is situated on a high plateau
  5. The Temple has two Floors of verandahs on three sides and gardens and fountains in the rear.
  6. The Gita Bhawan situated to the north of the temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna.
  7. This temple is covered over an area of ​​about 7.5 acres. In which many temples, large gardens and Gita Bhawan are also included.
  8. The carvings of the idols installed in the temple were done by around 100 skilled craftsmen from Banaras under the chairmanship of Acharya Vishwanath Shastri.
  9. The Highest peak of the temple is about 160 feet high above the main sanctum of the temple.
  10. The idols present in the temple were made of marble brought from Jaipur.
  11. All the walls of the corridor of the temple have been depicted with the lives of Famous sages, Sages, Great men and mighty kings of the country.
  12. A Gita Bhawan is also built on the right side of the temple, in which a large idol of Lord Shri Krishna is installed and the teachings of Lord Krishna in the Gita are depicted by artifacts on the walls.
  13. This Temple has been built in Hindu Oriya style.
  14. The nearest metro station to Laxmi Narayan Mandir is RK Ashram Marg.
  15. The temple is decorated a lot on the occasion of the holy festivals of Ram Navami, Diwali, and Krishna Janmashtami. On the days of the Festival, Lakhs of men, Women, and Children come to see this temple, due to which there is no place to even set foot in the temple.
  16. The temple opens daily at 6 am and closes at 10 pm.

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