Chhatarpur Temple Quick Facts

PlaceMehrauli, New Delhi (India)
Built in1974 AD.
Built byBaba Sant Nagpal
Architectural styleHindu temple architecture
DedicatedGoddess Katyayini (Mother Durga)
TypeCultural, Religious Temple

Chhatarpur Temple Overview

Chhatarpur Temple is one of the largest and most famous temples in India. This temple is located in Mehrauli, south of New Delhi, the capital of India. This temple is one of the most unique temples in India because people of different castes and religions are allowed here. This temple is considered a symbol of the ancient culture and amazing architecture of the country.

Chhatarpur Temple History

This famous Temple was built in the year 1974 by the famous Baba Sant Nagpal Ji. Who died in the year 1998, after which his devotees had built his samadhi in the Shiv-Gauri Nageshwar Temple located inside the temple premises to keep their Baba close to them.

Chhatarpur Temple Interesting Facts

  1. It is believed that there used to be a hut of Baba Sant Nagpal at the place where this temple is situated, this temple was constructed in the year 1974 by Baba Sant Nagpal Ji.
  2. This temple is covered over an area of about 60 acres, this temple is dedicated to the Hindu goddess "Mata Katyayani".
  3. The Official name of this temple is Aadya Katyayini Temple, but this temple is more famous than the name of Chhatarpur Temple.
  4. Before the year 2005, this temple was considered to be the largest temple in India, but after the construction of The Akshardham temple in 2005, it is considered the second largest temple.
  5. In this temple, very close to the court of Mata Katyayani, there is also a miraculous room of Baba Sant Nagpal, where his samadhi is worshiped daily.
  6. A wax statue of Baba Sant Nagpal ji has been installed in the room of this temple, which looks exactly like the real Baba.
  7. All the Temples located in this temple complex have been constructed with precious marble stones, which attracts tourists towards it.
  8. The complex of this temple is divided into 3 parts, in which more than 20 small and big size temples are included.
  9. In this Temple, Navratras are celebrated with great pomp, during Navratras, Mata Katyayani is adorned every day in the temple at 3 in the morning, after which a lot of devotees come to see the mother.
  10. The idols of many gods and goddesses can be easily seen in the premises of this temple, but the thing that attracts the tourists the most is the huge statue of Lord Hanuman located here.
  11. This Temple is open for its devotees from 6 am to 10 pm on all days of the week and on special occasions like Navratri, it remains open for the devotees for full 24 hours.

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