Daulatabad Fort Quick Facts

PlaceAurangabad, Maharashtra (India)
Built in1187 AD and 1327 AD.
Built byYadav king Bhilan and Muhammad bin Tughlaq

Daulatabad Fort Overview

Maharashtra is famous all over the world for its heroic history, historical places and its film world. The city of Maharashtra, Mumbai is known by the name of Maya city. Mumbai is also the financial capital of India. Daulatabad Fort located in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra is one of the most historical and great fort of India, which was built by the famous ruler of Delhi Sultanate, Muhammad bin Tughlaq.

Daulatabad Fort History

In the year 1328, Mohammad bin Tughlaq of the Delhi Sultanate shifted the capital of his kingdom to Devagiri and renamed it as Daulatabad. After some time, the rule of the Bahmani ruler came into force on this fort, whose famous ruler Hassan Gangu Bahmani had the construction of Chand Minar inside this fort. Hasan Gangu built Chand Minar as a replica of Qutub Minar in Delhi, of which he was a great admirer.

Most of the Fort was built under the Bahmanis and the Nizam (Shah) of Ahmednagar. According to the orders of Shah Jahan, the Mughal governor of Deccan captured this fort in 1632 AD and imprisoned the Nizam Shahi prince Hussain Shah, who was ruling here.

Daulatabad Fort Interesting Facts

  1. This magnificent fort is just 11 kms from Aurangabad district of Maharashtra. Located on a formidable hill at a distance.
  2. This Fort was given the name of Daulatabad in the year 1327 AD by the famous ruler of Delhi Sultanate, Muhammad bin Tughlaq, before that it was known as Devagiri.
  3. This Fort is situated on a special type of natural mountain, whose height is about 200 meters.
  4. This fort is one of the largest and grand fort in India, whose structure is 3 floors. This fort was so strong that it was not easy for any of its enemies to break or damage it.
  5. One of the most prominent structures of this fort is its main entrance which is about 688 feet high, through which you will have to walk about 2 kilometers to reach the top of the fort.
  6. Cannons were always stationed on all the walls of this fort. There is still a 16 feet long and two feet circular cannon named Menda on the last door, which is about 3.5 km. Can hit the target from a distance.
  7. The Chand Minar located inside this fort was built in the year 1435 by the famous Bahmani ruler Alauddin Bahmani Shah, this tower is about 63 meters high, in which various types of carvings have been done.
  8. The most amazing and interesting structure of this fort is its labyrinth which is also known as the dark path, which is actually a 150 feet long dark tunnel.
  9. Seeing the beauty of this fort, famous filmmaker Chand has filmed it in his 1979 AD film called "Ahimsa".
  10. This Fort is a famous place for filmmakers due to its beauty and low film cost, in the year 2011 famous filmmaker Kunal Kohli filmed it in a famous song "Allah Jaane" from his movie "Teri Meri Kahani".
  11. The Fort opens every day from 9 am to 6 pm, with an average visit time of 2 to 3 hours.

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