Gohad Fort Quick Facts

PlaceBhind, Madhya Pradesh (India)
Built in1505 AD
Built byJat ruler "Singhando II"

Gohad Fort Overview

India is famous all over the world for its geographical features and Madhya Pradesh is the most prominent state of India in terms of tourism. The Gohad Fort located in Madhya Pradesh is a unique blend of Indian culture, architecture and carvings. This fort is one of the most historical forts of India.

Gohad Fort History

According to the famous British officers Alexander Cunningham and William Cook, in the year 1505 AD, the people of the Jat caste of Agra had established the city of Gohad in Madhya Pradesh. The Jat rulers of Gohad were given the title of Rana. Rana Jat ruler Singhando II established Gohad Fort and Gohad State in the year 1505 AD.

Gohad Fort Interesting Facts

  1. This historic fort was built in the year 1505 by Raja Singhandeva II, the most famous ruler of the Jato.
  2. King Singhandeva II, the most famous ruler of Jato, was very conscious of his subjects and his security, so he built more than 360 kilos for the safety of his people in the kingdom of Gohad.
  3. Fort is circular because the place chosen to build this fort was passed through the river Vaisili which took a circular turn, due to which this fort was also constructed in such a way that this river could protect it.
  4. Fort was quite safe from the point of view of security because this fort is 5 km from all sides. It was surrounded by a long security wall.
  5. This Fort is so vast that more than 11 entrances were built to enter it, which were named after the local villages here.
  6. There are many entrances in this fort, but the number of its most prominent entrances is 7 namely, Itali, Berthara, Gohadi, Birkhari, Kathwan, Kharoa, and Saraswati.
  7. To protect this fort, 4 rows were built, including 1 river, and 3 giant walls.
  8. The outermost security wall of this fort has been constructed with rocky stones and is more than 10 meters high.
  9. The second wall of this fort has been constructed from mud, which looks quite attractive to see.
  10. The innermost wall of this fort was built on the side of the moat surrounding the fort, this wall is about 1 km. This wall has two gates which are known as “Hathi Pour” and “Sankal Gate”.
  11. This fort was made so strong that often the enemies of the kings who ruled here wanted to know the materials from which it was built, but this fort was made of locally available materials stone, lime mortar, and bricks only.
  12. The Gohad Fort, located in Madhya Pradesh, India, was selected for the Pacific Award at the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Cultural Heritage Conservation Conference held in the year 2017.

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