Golden Temple Quick Facts

PlaceVellore, Tamil Nadu (India)
Built in2007
Built byNarayani Amma (original name: Satish Kumar)
TypeHindu temple
DedicatedLord Vishnu and Mother Lakshmi

Golden Temple Overview

The famous Golden Temple, Sripuram is located in the southern part of Vellore city in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. This magnificent temple is also known as Mahalakshmi Golden Temple. Like the beautiful Golden Temple built in Amritsar, Punjab, the Golden Temple in Vellore is also included in the wonders of the world. More than one lakh devotees come every day to see the beauty of this wonderful temple made of gold.

Golden Temple History

Temples made in South India are very popular not only in India, but all over the world. These temples are mainly Hindu temples. The beauty and craft work of these temples of South India is a sight to behold.

The Golden Temple in Vellore city of Tamil Nadu, Sripuram was built by a monk named Narayani Amma from South India, whose real name is Satish Kumar. This temple was inaugurated in the month of August 2007. A large amount of gold has been used in the interior and exterior of this temple built on the lines of a star. Till now, so much gold has not been used in the construction of any temple in the world.

Golden Temple Interesting Facts

  1. This beautiful Temple of Mahalakshmi Temple, located on the Malaikodi hills of Vellore in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, is covered over an area of ​​about 100 acres.
  2. About 15,000 kg of pure gold was used in the construction of this magnificent Temple.
  3. The Temple has 9 to 15 gold plates, which are graceful with inscriptions. The art of inscriptions in the temple is taken from the Vedas.
  4. There is also a lake on the outside of the Temple complex, in which water has been made by bringing water from all the major rivers of India. It is known as Sarvaratham Sarovar.
  5. The cost of construction of this Golden Temple in Vellore was about 300 crores.
  6. This Golden Temple, which was completed in 7 years, was inaugurated on 24 August 2007.
  7. An idol made of 70 kg gold of Goddess Mahalakshmi, the goddess of wealth, is also installed on the temple premises.
  8. The Abhishekam in the temple takes place from 4 am to 8 pm and the aarti service is conducted between 6 pm and 7 pm.
  9. When Temple is illuminated at night, then the whole temple is lit up with the glow of gold in the temple.
  10. This magnificent temple is thronged by devotees throughout the year and on some days the number of devotees goes above one lakh.
  11. This Temple is open every year from 8 am to 8 pm for devotees throughout the year.
  12. Police have also been deployed for the security of the temple, which provides 24-hour police security here.
  13. As per the Rules for the temple, no devotee can enter the temple wearing a Lungi, Shorts, Nightie, Midi, Bermuda clothes etc.
  14. Electronic items such as mobile phones, cameras, tobacco, alcohol, and inflammable items are prohibited inside the temple.
  15. Vellore has three main railway stations to reach this temple: Vellore Katpadi Junction, Vellore Cantonment, and Katpadi Junction, from where you can easily reach the temple by state taxi or bus.
  16. To reach Vellore by air, you need to cover 100 km. One will have to land at Tirupati Airport, the nearest domestic airport located at a distance of. Chennai International Airport is about 130 km from here. and Bangalore International Airport about 200 km away. Is located at a distance.

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