Jaigarh Fort Quick Facts

PlaceAmer District, Rajasthan (India)
Built in1726 AD
Built byRaja Sawai Jai Singh II

Jaigarh Fort Overview

India is one of the largest countries in the world and attracted the attention of many world famous empires due to its special type of geographical location and climate. Rajasthan, the largest state of India in terms of area, is also famous all over the world due to its geographical and cultural differences.

Jaigarh Fort History

This world Famous fort was built in the year 1726 by Raja Sawai Jai Singh II, the most famous ruler of Amber located in Rajasthan. The main purpose of building this fort by the Maharaja was to prevent the growing influence of the nearby rulers and to protect themselves from them.

Jaigarh Fort Interesting Facts

  1. This world famous fort is situated on top of the Aravalli mountain range in the Amer district of the Indian state of Rajasthan.
  2. This Fort is much higher than the Amer Fort located in Rajasthan, and built on a mountain with a height of about 400 meters.
  3. Fort is just 10 km from Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. It is situated at a turning point of Jaipur-Delhi highway.
  4. Fort is made of red sandstone, the outer security wall of this fort is very strong, this wall is about 3 km. long and 1 km is wide.
  5. An impressive square garden is also present in this grand fort, in which different types of flowers have been planted, this garden is covered over an area of ​​about 50 square meters.
  6. There are many entrances in this fort, but its biggest and beautiful entrance is "Awani Darwaza".
  7. There are 3 such entrances in this fort, on which large arches were built. These gates were made in the east-west direction.
  8. There are 2 ancient temples within this fort, its first temple is "Harihar Mandir", which was constructed in the 10th century and its second temple is "Kal Bhairav ​​Temple" which was constructed in the 12th century.
  9. The water harvesting system of this fort was quite advanced, Aravalli catchment was used for water supply in the fort, which is about 4 km from the fort. It was connected to three underground tanks built beneath the fort, these tanks could hold approximately 6 million gallons of water.
  10. There were a lot of rumors about this fort, one of which was that the wealth of the Kachhwa rulers has been hidden under this fort, taking this seriously, the government took this fort between 1975-1977 with the help of a metal detector. Searched thoroughly, but he was unsuccessful.
  11. Fort also includes an armory room in which swords, shields, guns and heavy cannons up to 50 kg were kept.
  12. The world's most powerful cannon "Jaywana Cannon" was built in this fort in the year 1720, this cannon is one of the world's heaviest cannons, which weighed about 50 tons and filled with about 100 kg of gunpowder. 35 km Enemies up to a distance could easily be piled up.

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