Junagarh Fort Quick Facts

PlaceBikaner, Rajasthan (India)
Built in1589-1594 AD
Built byKaran Chand under Raja Rai Singh of Bikaner

Junagarh Fort Overview

One of the most famous forts of India, Junagadh Fort is located in Bikaner, a district of the Indian state of Rajasthan. This fort is one of the richest and most historical forts in India, which was built by a trusted courtier of the famous Rajasthani ruler Raja Rai Singh.

Junagarh Fort History

Due to the successive conquests, he was gifted the Governance of Gujarat and Burhanpur by the Mughals. After earning a good amount of revenue from his ruled areas, he started the construction of Junagadh Fort in the year 1589, which was completed after some time till the year 1594.

Junagarh Fort Interesting Facts

  1. The present form of this grand and historical fort was built by Raja Rai Singh in the middle of 1589 AD to 1594 AD.
  2. The construction of this fort took more than 5 years, its construction was started in the year 1589 AD, which was completed by the year 1594 AD.
  3. This fort is one of the tallest forts in India, with an average height of about 230 meters.
  4. Built-in the plains of Bikaner, the layout of this fort is rectangular in shape, with a circumference of about 986 meters in length.
  5. This fort is included in the largest fort in India, which is covered over an area of ​​​​about 5.28 hectares.
  6. The outer security walls of this fort are about 14.5 feet wide and 12 meters high.
  7. In this fort, more than 37 bastions were built on top of the outer walls, in which armed soldiers used to stand.
  8. Due to the large area of ​​this fort being covered over a large area, about 7 major entrances were built in it, out of which only 2 were well fortified.
  9. Many famous temples are located inside this fort, in which "Har Mandir" was for the royal people and "Ratan Behari Mandir" was for the general public, this temple was built in the year 1846 AD in the Indo-Mughal architectural style.
  10. The Karan Mahal built in this fort is a unique example of Indian architecture as it includes 1 beautiful garden, pillars made of stone and wood, carved balconies and glass windows, which were built in the year 1680 AD by Karan Singh during his victory over the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. to mark it.
  11. The Phool Mahal ("Flower Palace") located in this fort is the oldest and most beautiful part of the fort, which was built by Raja Rai Singh from 1571 to 1668 AD.
  12. Anoop Singh made modifications to the Karan Mahal between the year 1669 to 1698, which is a multi-storey structure, in which he made a mirrored ceiling, ornate balconies with Italian tiles, Zenana Quarter, Diwan-i-Aam, and windows of this palace. The name was changed to Anoop Mahal.
  13. One of the most prominent structures of this fort is the Chandra Mahal, which was built between 1746 and 1787 AD by Raja Gaj Singh, the royal bedrooms and the idols of gods made of gold are very popular in this palace.
  14. The "Ganga Mahal" located inside this fort was built by Maharaja Ganga Singh in the 20th century AD. The main feature of this palace is its museum which is known as "Bada Durbar Hall" (Ganga Hall). Weapons and airplanes of the First World War are kept in this museum.
  15. The Badal Mahal located in this fort is a part of the Anup Mahal complex, which was constructed from 1872 to 1887 AD. It was built by Raja Dungar Singh in the middle of
  16. The "Quilla Museum" (Fort Museum) located inside this fort was established in the year 1961 by Maharaja Dr. Karni Singhji under the control of "Maharaja Rai Singhji Trust".

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