Naina Devi Temple Quick Facts

PlaceNainital Uttarakhand (India)
Built in1883 (present form)
Built byAmarnath Shah (according to historians)
TypeHindu Temple
DedicatedNaina Devi

Naina Devi Temple Overview

Naina Devi Temple is situated on the northern bank of Naini Lake in the city of Nainital in the state of Uttarakhand. Nainital city is one of the most beautiful cities in India. Nainital is also known as the City of Lakes or the Lake District.

The faith associated with the temple of the people including the townspeople can be gauged from the fact that the tourists who come to enjoy the beauty and cool weather of Nainital in the summer season must visit this grand temple. That the wishes of all the devotees are fulfilled by having the darshan of the Goddess.।

The country's most popular hill station Nainital Kumaon hills and beautiful lakes attracts tourists, so lakhs of tourists come here every year to visit.

Naina Devi Temple History

The Naini Devi temple built in the city of Nainital is considered as one of the 51 Shakti Peethas. It is to be known that in the year 1880, this temple was destroyed due to a severe landslide in the city. Later temple was rebuilt in the year 1883 by Amar Nath Sah, son of the city's prominent businessman Moti Ram Sah, with the help of his friends. Temple is dedicated to the Hindu goddess, 'Naina Devi'.

Mythological beliefs of Naina Devi Temple:

According to the legend, Sati, the daughter of Maharaja Daksha Prajapati, was married to Lord Shiva. Maharaj Daksha did not like Prajapati Shiva. Once King Daksha got a yajna done at his place, in which all the gods were called, but did not even invite his son-in-law Shiva and daughter Sati. Uma stubbornly reached this yagya. The humiliated goddess had committed self-immolation for not being offered the sacrifice of Shiva in the yagya.

When Shiva came to know that his wife Sati had committed self-immolation, the enraged Lord Shiva destroyed Daksha's yagyashala by doing orgy and started going towards Mount Kailash with the body of Sati. In such a situation, wherever the body parts of Mother Sati fell, there were Shakti Peethas. Where the goddess's Nain had fallen, the same place is today's Nainital.

Naina Devi Temple Interesting Facts

  1. Naini Devi Temple is a 'Shakti Peeth', which is situated near Naini Lake in Nainital, Uttarakhand.
  2. Along with the idol of Naina Devi, the Idols of Lord Shri Ganesh and Kali Mata are also enshrined in this temple.
  3. About Naini Lake, it is believed that when Lord Shiva and Mother Sati were going to Mount Kailash carrying the dead body, then wherever their body parts fell, Shaktipeeths were established, this temple is also in the same Shakti Peethas.
  4. The city of Nainital has been established due to the Naini lake present here, it is believed that the eyes of Goddess Sati fell here and inspired by this temple has been established.
  5. There are two eyes inside the temple, which represent Mata Naina Devi.
  6. Here the consort of Lord Shiva and the Hindu goddess Nanda (Parvati) is worshiped as Naina Devi.
  7. A huge Peepal tree is situated at the entrance of the temple, behind which there are many beliefs.
  8. There are different types of flowers in the courtyard of the temple, which add to the beauty of the temple.
  9. There is no entry fee to visit Aadar in this temple and the opening hours of the temple are from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm.
  10. A grand fair lasting for 8 days is organized in the temple on the day of Nanda Ashtami. The idol of Nanda Devi's sister Naini Devi is immersed in this fair.
  11. The best time to visit this temple is from April to June and again from November to January.
  12. The Temple is just 2.5 kms from Nainital Bus Stand. From where one can easily reach the temple with the help of an auto or rickshaw.

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