Neemrana Fort Quick Facts

PlaceAlwar, Rajasthan (India)
Built in1464 AD
Architectural styleMughal era and Rajputana

Neemrana Fort Overview

The state of Rajasthan, located in the northern part of the country, has gained a lot of fame globally due to the mountains and the magnificent forts, palaces and buildings situated on them. The 552-year-old Neemrana Fort situated on the Aravalli Hills is one of the most historical buildings in India.

Neemrana is a historical fort as well as a beautiful famous tourist destination. 'Neemrana' is an ancient historical city in the Alwar district, which is situated on the Delhi-Jaipur highway, at a distance of about 122 km from Delhi. There are many attractive places around Neemrana. Their interestingness is so much that domestic and foreign tourists can be seen here in large numbers.

Neemrana Fort History

The Historic Neemrana Fort, located in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, was built in 1464 AD. Neemrana Fort Palace is one of the few oldest heritage resorts in India. Neemrana is also very important from historical point of view. Actually the head of Neemrana city was Nimola Meo. The fort was named after the head of the city, Nimola Meo.

When there was a war between Nimola Meo and Prithviraj Chauhan in 1192, Nimola Meo was defeated in this war, then the Chauhans shifted their capital from Mandhan to Neemrana. Neemrana fort-haveli became the third capital of the descendants of Prithviraj Chauhan III. After being defeated in the war, Nimola Meo requested Prithviraj Chauhan to give that place his name, since then it came to be called Neemrana. Prithviraj Chauhan died in a battle with Muhammad Ghori in 1192.

Neemrana Fort Interesting Facts

  1. This huge 10-storey fort has been built by cutting the Aravalli hill in three acres. This is the reason that going up and down in this palace gives the feeling of climbing a hill.
  2. The mixture of Mughal and Rajputana architectural styles is clearly visible in the construction of this fort. Apart from this, the image of the British era can also be seen in the interior decoration of the palace.
  3. This palace is situated between Behror and Shahjahanpur. It is also known as Rath Kshetra.
  4. This fort has been converted into a heritage resort in the year 1986 by the Government of India. Situated on a high hill, Neemrana Fort-Haveli has a luxurious outlook of beauty around it makes this place even more attractive.
  5. Ten Floors high this palace has a total of 50 rooms. There is a conference hall in the Nazara Mahal and Durbar Mahal built here. Many restaurants have been built in this fort, which has turned into a palace. There is also an open swimming pool in this palace.
  6. The special thing about this fort is that every room built here has been given a different name. If you want to enjoy the majestic opulence in the fort, then for a nominal fee, tourists can enjoy the splendor of the palace for two hours, but can only use these rooms for the whole day. These rooms cannot be rented at night. Are being given.
  7. Being built on a high mountain, most of the rooms have balconies to enjoy the grandeur of the surroundings to the fullest. Even from the bathroom of this fort, you will easily get to see lush green views.
  8. The mind swells to see the serene atmosphere of the fort and the gorgeous pictures inside.
  9. At present, this palace has become a major heritage site and is a suitable venue for weddings and conferences.
  10. The Sariska Tiger Reserve, one of the country's famous tiger reserves, is also located here. This tiger reserve was once the hunting ground of the royal family of Alwar. 200 km from Delhi on the Delhi-Jaipur route. Sariska National Park situated at a distance of 866 Is covered around in In this park, Bengal's royal tiger, panther, sambar, brock, crocodile and different species of birds are found.
  11. There is an ancient site called 'Kesroli' in Alwar district, at a distance from Neemrana. It is a wonderful place to visit. Apart from this, if you are fond of boating then you can also go to Silisedh Lake from Kesroli, which is very popular for boating.

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