Sindhudurg Fort Quick Facts

PlaceMalvan Island, Maharashtra (India)
Built in1667 AD
Built byChhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj
ArchitectHiroji Indalkar

Sindhudurg Fort Overview

Maharashtra has been the birthplace of one of the most powerful kingdoms of India, the Maratha Empire. Malvan Island, located near the Indian state of Maharashtra, is the most important part of Indian history, as the Sindhudurg Fort on this island was built by Shivaji Maharaj, the most famous ruler of the Maratha Empire. A glimpse of Maratha culture, architecture and history can be clearly seen in this fort, due to which it is considered to be the most important part of Indian history.

Sindhudurg Fort History

This world famous fort was built by the famous ruler of Maratha Empire Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in 1667. The main purpose of making this fort by the Marathas was to stop the growing influence of foreign colonialists and also to stop the growing steps of the people of Janjira's Siddi community towards India. Its construction was done under the supervision of Hiroji Indalkar. This fort was built on a small island, which was known as "Khurte Bet".

Sindhudurg Fort Interesting Facts

  1. The work of construction of this world famous fort was entrusted to the famous architect of India Hiroji Indalkar by the famous ruler of the Maratha Empire Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, and this fort was completed in the year 1667 AD.
  2. More than 4000 pounds of lead stones were used in the construction of the fortification and foundation.
  3. The construction of this fort took more than 3 years, its construction started in the year 1664 AD, which after hard work was completed and completed in the year 1667 AD.
  4. This Fort is one of the largest and wonderful fort in India which is covered over an area of ​​about 48 acres.
  5. This Fort, built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, was made very strong in terms of security, about 3 km in this fort. A security wall was built which was impossible for any enemy to penetrate.
  6. The security walls of this fort are much thicker than the inner walls of the fort, this wall is about 30 feet high and 12 thick.
  7. The structure of this fort was designed in such a way that it was easily protected from enemies and the waves and tides of the Arabian Sea.
  8. The main entrance of this fort was very cleverly hidden, due to which it was impossible for any enemy to find it.
  9. When this fort was built, there used to be a group of many families in it, but with the passage of time, the decreasing employment opportunities forced those families to migrate from here, currently 15 families live in this fort. .
  10. This Fort is located in Sindhudurg district, north of Sindhudurg city, Goa, which is only 450 km away from Mumbai. Is.
  11. You can reach this fort with the help of Konkan Railway from Mumbai and Goa, the nearest railway station to this fort is Sindhudurg railway station, but only a few trains can stop there.

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