Siwana Fort Quick Facts

PlaceBarmer, Rajasthan (India)
Built in10 century
Built byVeer Narayan

Siwana Fort Overview

There are only two such states in India where you get to see many forts and palaces at every step and these two states are Maharashtra and Rajasthan. If you go to any part of Rajasthan, then after about every 10 miles, you will definitely get to see some fort.

Siwana Fort is one such ancient fort, which is located in the Barmer district of Rajasthan. This fort is built on a high hill on the Siwana Tehsil and Panchayat Samiti headquarters. Siwana fort is one of the oldest forts in Rajasthan.

Siwana Fort History

सThe Fort of Siwana has a very proud history. It was built by Shri Veeranarayana, son of Panwar Raja Bhoj in the 10th century. Initially this region was under the control of the Panwars, but later the Songra Chauhans of Jalore took over this fort.

In the beginning of the 14th century, fort was under the control of Chauhan Sardar Sheetaldev, nephew of Kanhaddev, then Alauddin Khilji attacked the fort on July 2, 1306, after which this fort went into the possession of Alauddin Khilji.

Alauddin changed the name of Siwan fort to Khairabad after his victory. After Alauddin, Rathod Jaitmal, brother of Rao Mallinath, occupied this fort and for many years the Jaitmalots dominated this fort. Ancient history Various famous men Rao Maldev, Rao Chandrasen, Akbar, Kalla Raimalat, Motaraja, Udai Singh Maharaj, Jaswant Singh I, Aurangzeb, Raja Sujan Singh and Ajit Singh etc. have been related to this fort.

Siwana Fort Interesting Facts

  1. Siwana Fort is situated on a high mountain called Haldeshwar, 54 miles west of Jodhpur district in Indian Rajasthan.
  2. It is bounded by Nagaur in the east, Malani in the west, Pachpadra in the north and Jalore in the south.
  3. This Fort is surrounded by sand on all sides, but along with it, the chain of fifty-six mountains from east to west is covered for about 48 miles.
  4. In 1538, Rao Maldev had taken over this fort and built a wall to strengthen its security system.
  5. During his reign, Akbar's anger with Kalla Rathod sent Udai Singh, the king of Jodhpur, to take over Siwana. Raja Kalyan alias Kalla Rathore attained Veergati during the war. Two of his tombs are also built in the fort.
  6. When Akbar's army attacked the Siwana fort around 1600, in which the ruler Rao Kalla Rathod was martyred while fighting bravely. On this, the queens did Jauhar in the fort.
  7. In the second door of the fort, there are inscriptions on both sides, in which the inscription on the right side is indicative of Rao Maldev's victory over the Sivana fort.
  8. In Siwana town the statue of Veer Kallaji stands at a crossroads and in the Higher Secondary School remains the tomb of Veer Kallaji's horse, who is said to have sacrificed his life while protecting the life of his master. .
  9. There is a big pond of water in the fort, whose water has never run out. No matter how many famines have happened here, but there is always water in this pond. No one has any idea of ​​how deep this pond is, because till date no one has been able to see the bottom of the pond.
  10. Many residence palaces were also built in the fort, which are still seen in a broken condition.
  11. The remains of the palace and the remains of Trikalash Prasad can be seen inside the fort. A little above it, there is a Shivling on a platform built near the palace, in front of which Nandi is sitting.
  12. Famous tourist places around Siwana include Haldeshwar Temple, Bhimgoda Temple, Mokalsar Ki Baori and Amartiya Kuan, Ashapuri Mata Temple, Jalore Fort, Amartiya Bera and Jain Temple etc.

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