Vizianagaram Fort Quick Facts

PlaceVizianagaram District, Andhra Pradesh (India)
Built in1713 AD
Built byH.H. Vijaya Rama Raju

Vizianagaram Fort Overview

Andhra Pradesh, located in the southern part of the Indian subcontinent, is one of the oldest and religious states of India. Andhra Pradesh has been included in the list of the most important states of India because its maritime border is covered over a very wide area for the purpose of trade. Located in the Vizianagaram district of Andhra Pradesh, Vizianagaram Fort is one of the largest and richest forts in India, which was built around the 17th century.

Vizianagaram Fort History

This world famous fort was built in the year 1713 AD at a place where five vijayas ("Signs of victory") were present. The fort is named after its founder, Maharaja Vijaya Rama Raju, also known as Maharaja Ananda Raju I of Vizianagaram. The location for the construction of this fort was suggested to the king by the Muslim saint Mahaboob Valli. According to the Hindu calendar, the year known as Vijaya was chosen to lay the foundation of this fort, as this auspicious date was considered good for the future of the fort.

Vizianagaram Fort Interesting Facts

  1. The work of construction of this world famous fort was done by H.H. Vijaya Rama Raju, who got this fort built in the year 1713 AD.
  2. The Fort is built in the shape of a square of 240 meters, which further enhances the beauty of this fort.
  3. The Fort is 240 meters wide and its height is about 10 meters.
  4. This fort is built with stones, the width of the wall at the top of this fort is about 8 to 16 meters.
  5. The Fort has 2 main entrances, which are built in the Rajasthani architectural style, various types of carvings have also been done on them.
  6. Moti Mahal located within this fort is a royal court or court hall which was built by Vijayarama Raju-III in the year 1869 AD. 2 wonderful marble sculptures are also located in this hall.
  7. One of the major structures of this fort is the grand royal palace of the kings of Oudh Khan Vijniyagaram. It is a kind of majestic bathing hall, an octagonal stone structure attached to the Phool Bagh Palace. This palace has been built with stones. Its total height is 15 meters, it has a spiral staircase.
  8. The Alaknanda Palace within the fort was built as a royal guest house, which is currently used by the 5th Army Corps of the Armed Reserve Police of Andhra Pradesh.
  9. The Korukonda palace is located near the Alaknanda palace. The area of ​​the land around this palace is about 1000 acres, which is used as a playground.
  10. The Ghanta Stambh located in this fort is a clock tower. It was constructed in the year 1885 AD in the octagonal shape of red sandstone. The height of this tower is 68 feet.

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