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28 February 2011 | Appointments Current Affairs
Indian American gastroenterologist and hepatologist, Dr Guru Nath Reddy has been elected president of the Harris County Medical Society in Houston, Texas -- the largest county medical society in the United States.
27 February 2011 | Indian Current Affairs
India's first Coast Guard Academy would be set up at Azheekkal near Kannur in north Kerala, Defence Minister A K Antony said. Antony said 164 acres land for the academy had already been acquired by Kerala Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation, the state's infrastructure development agency.
26 February 2011 | Appointments Current Affairs
US President Barack Obama appointed a new social secretary,Jeremy Bernard, the first male and a gay to serve this prestigious White House position. 'Jeremy shares our vision for the White House as the People's House, one that celebrates our history and culture in dynamic and inclusive ways.
25 February 2011 | World Current Affairs
In 2010, Canada welcomed the highest number of permanent residents in 50 years, Jason Kenney, minister of citizenship, immigration and multiculturalism, announced on February 13.
24 February 2011 | Person Current Affairs
Sarah Palin will visit India in March to participate in the annual conclave of a magazine, according to an aide. Palin's aide Rebecca Mansour confirmed the details by tweeting a link to the organisation's website, writing, 'Governor Palin will be travelling to India next month'.
23 February 2011 | Miscellaneous Current Affairs
Pakistan expressed its desire to have 'cordial and cooperative' ties with India, a day after the two sides agreed to have 'constructive' engagement aimed at restoring the stalled dialogue process.
22 February 2011 | World Current Affairs
Alleging that China and Pakistan have 'a strategy to invade India', Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav asked Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to give an assurance to Parliament that the country is safe from a possible external aggression.
21 February 2011 | Resignations Current Affairs
Libyan Ambassador to India Ali al-Essawi has reportedly resigned in protest against his government's violent crackdown on demonstrators
20 February 2011 | Miscellaneous Current Affairs
 Peruvian forces were sent to destroy illegal gold miners’ river dredgers in the country’s Madre de Dios Amazon region. The illegal miners had been causing deep environmental damage to the Amazon region through the use of mercury and other harmful substances in the mining.
19 February 2011 | Miscellaneous Current Affairs
The 136 fishermen from Tamil Nadu, who were detained in Sri Lanka for allegedly poaching in the island nation's waters, returned to Nagapattinam on Saturday. Sri Lankan authorities handed over the fishermen, who travelled in their own trawlers to Indian authorities at the International Maritime Boundary Line, officials said. The Indian Navy then escorted them to Nagapattinam Port.
18 February 2011 | Reports Current Affairs
The United States army has unveiled a pocket-sized spy drone disguised as a hummingbird -- it measures just 16 centimetres and weighs less than an AA battery. The mini spy plane can fly up to 11 miles an hour and took five years to develop at a cost of $4 million (Rs 18 crore).
17 February 2011 | Business Current Affairs
India has turned down an American offer to supply 16 multi-role helicopters (MRH) through the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) route for its Navy and decided to go for open competitive bidding for the multi-billion dollar deal.
16 February 2011 | Business Current Affairs
India and the United States will hold the second round of their strategic dialogue in New Delhi on April 6 during which US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would lead the American side, Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao has announced in Washington.
15 February 2011 | Awards Current Affairs
Works by Indian writers Manu Joseph and Tabish Khair have been shortlisted for the Man Asian Literary Prize, the leading international award for authors from the continent. Five books were selected from a longlist of 10. These are Three Sisters by Bi Feiyu (China), Serious Men by Joseph, The Thing About Thugs by Khair, Nobel Prize winning Japanese writer Kenzaburo Oe's The Changeling and Hotel Iris by another Japanese Yoko Ogawa.
14 February 2011 | Miscellaneous Current Affairs
The Himachal Pradesh government is now moving to acquire the land of Gyuto Monastery, the transit home of Karmapa Ugyen Trinley Dorje, as the probe into seizure of large amount of foreign currency from the monastery brought fresh focus on benami deals by the community members.
13 February 2011 | Miscellaneous Current Affairs
In a major move to dismantle the vestiges of the Mubarak era, Egypt's militar dissolved the Parliament and suspended the country's constitution, accepting the major demands of the protesters.
12 February 2011 | Appointments Current Affairs
Deepak Chopra, till recently president and chief executive officer, Pitney Bowes (Canada and Latin America), has been appointed president and CEO of Canada Post, the country's largest employer.
11 February 2011 | Education Current Affairs
The prayer room can hold only 20 people, and yet to some 300 Hindu undergraduates, dozens of graduate students and Buddhist students at Duke University--not to forget many professors--its inauguration is something of a milestone.
10 February 2011 | Politics Current Affairs
The Union Cabinet decided to amend a 144-old press law that will prohibit those convicted of terrorist activities from bringing out any newspaper or publication. The new Press and Registration of Books and Publications Act that will replace the Press and Registration of Book Act, 1867, will not only cover newspapers, magazines and journals but also their internet editions, news websites.
9 February 2011 | Obituaries Current Affairs
Former Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister M P Prakash passed away at a private hospital in Bengaluru on Wednesday after a pro longed battle with cancer. He was 71. Prakash, a prominent Lingayat leader who was part of the Janata Dal-Secular, had later quit the party and joined hands with the Congress.
8 February 2011 | Business Current Affairs
Pakistan expressed its desire to have 'cordial and cooperative' ties with India, a day after the two sides agreed to have 'constructive' engagement aimed at restoring the stalled dialogue process.
7 February 2011 | Technology Current Affairs
NASA has released the first-ever 360-degree panoramic images of the Sun. Two Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory satellites, launched in 2006, have gradually been drifting apart -- one in front of the Earth in its orbit, the other lagging behind.
6 February 2011 | Miscellaneous Current Affairs
With the terror trail leading to Hindu right-wing groups in 2006 Malegaon bombings, the Central Bureau of Investigation is now planning to question members of such outfits including those arrested in connection with the blasts in Maharashtra's power-loom city two years later.
5 February 2011 | Business Current Affairs
Russia's RAC MiG Corporation has carried out the first test flight of an upgraded MiG-29 fighter for the Indian Air Force's $900 million upgrade programme for the fourth generation combat jets. The maiden test flight of the MiG-29UPG took place at Zhukovski airfield of M M Gromov Flight Research Institute.
4 February 2011 | Indian Current Affairs
India has made a cash donation of US$ 500,000 (about Rs 2.25 crore) to Saint Lucia, which was devastated by Hurricane Tomas in October 2010. The hurricane, which swept over the Eastern Caribbean region, caused extensive damage estimated at between five and 10 per cent of the country's GDP.
3 February 2011 | Appointments Current Affairs
Nepal Communist Party President Jhalanath Khanal has been elected the prime minister of the country, ending the seven-month deadlock over the formation of a new government after Maoist supremo Prachanda quit the race in his favour in a last minute deal.
2 February 2011 | Person Current Affairs
Natasha Arora, who won the Miss India USA Pageant besides the Miss Beautiful Skin and Best Talent awards recently, is a third-year student at the University of Texas-Austin.
1 February 2011 | Accidents Current Affairs
At least 14 train roof-top travellers were killed and a dozen were seriously injured when they crashed into the ceiling of an over-bridge near Roza station in Shahajahanpur, about 190 km from Lucknow on Tuesday afternoon.

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