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International Criminal Court (ICC) History, Motive and Work

23 March 2023 | World Current Affairs

The International Criminal Court (ICC), issued an arrest warrant on 17th March  against Russian President Putin for the alleged war crime of illegal deportation and transfer of children from the occupied territories in Ukraine to the Russian Federation.

17 September 2019 | World Current Affairs
UNESCO has published a collection of Guru Nanak Dev's writings in international languages. All these creations have been translated and published in different languages around the world.
4 September 2019 | World Current Affairs
Bangladesh has ordered the disconnection of mobile services of one million refugees living in camps in the southeast. BTRC spokesman Zakir Hussain Khan said that the telecom operators have been given seven days to shut down the network in the camps
18 June 2019 | World Current Affairs
According to 'The World Population Prospect Highlights' released by the "Population Division" of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, India will overtake China around 2027 to have the largest population in the world. Can become a country with population.
9 June 2019 | World Current Affairs
Sri Lanka's state-run Sri Lanka Airlines has been named the world's most punctual airline by flight data analysis company FlightStats com.
6 June 2019 | World Current Affairs
Indian-American Pramila Jayapal, 53, a Democrat from Washington DC, created a record by becoming the first South Asian American woman to preside over the US House of Representatives as a temporary speaker.
15 May 2019 | World Current Affairs
A 23-year-old pilot from Mumbai, Captain Aarohi Pandit became the first woman in the world to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a Light Sports Aircraft (LSA).
10 May 2019 | World Current Affairs
In a survey conducted by AirHelp, Hyderabad's Rajiv Gandhi International Airport has been ranked as the 8th best airport in the world. The airports were rated based on on-time performance, quality of service, and dining and shopping options.
4 May 2019 | World Current Affairs
Joint Working Group Meeting on Counter Terrorism between India and Australia held in Canberra, Australia Mahavir Singhvi Joint Secretary (Counter Terrorism) led the Indian delegation
27 April 2019 | World Current Affairs
United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) India has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with NITI Aayog's Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) to provide an open platform to foster participation, skills and empowerment among young people in diverse communities. have signed.
8 April 2019 | World Current Affairs
Israeli Isaac Hayik, 73, set a new world record as the world's oldest person to play in a professional soccer match, officially recognized at an award ceremony attended by representatives of the Guinness World Records organization.
26 March 2019 | World Current Affairs
Langkawi International Maritime Aero Expo (LIMA-2019) Langkawi, Malaysia is being opened in Langkawi, Malaysia.
23 March 2019 | World Current Affairs
As per the Airports Council International (ACI) traffic rankings, Indira Gandhi International Airport has moved up to 12th position as compared to 16th position in 2017.
4 February 2019 | World Current Affairs
To protect Iran from United States sanctions, Project Instrument in Support of Trade Exercise was initiated by the governments of the United Kingdom, France and Germany.
0 January 2021 | World Current Affairs
Joe Biden became the 46th President of the US after being sworn in. Also, Kamala Harris of Indian origin was sworn in as the first female Vice President of the US. Joe Biden is the oldest president in American history and the second Roman Catholic president to become president at the age of 78.
28 January 2021 | World Current Affairs
President Donald Trump was historically impeached for the second time on January 13 by the US House, accusing him of "inciting rebellion" over the deadly siege of the Capitol crowd in a swift and eccentric collapse in his last days in office. I went. Which was passed in the House by 232 votes against 197. Ten Republicans MPs supported the impeachment motion. He was first impeached on his Ukraine deal in 2019.
27 December 2018 | World Current Affairs
Japan has announced its withdrawal from the International Whaling Commission in a bid to resume commercial whaling. The International Whaling Commission (IWC) is the global body responsible for the conservation and management of whales. IWC currently has 89 member governments from countries around the world.
16 December 2018 | World Current Affairs
The European Parliament approved a free trade agreement between Japan and the European Union, covering 635 million people and nearly a third of the world's economy.
8 November 2018 | World Current Affairs
The 34th Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival, the world's largest snow festival began in Harbin (North-East China) on January 5, 2018. The festival continued till the end of February.
23 October 2018 | World Current Affairs
China officially opened the world's longest bridge on 24th October 2018, this bridge is connecting Hong Kong with Macau and Zhuhai city. This is built on the sea and it is 55 kilometers long.
26 May 2018 | World Current Affairs
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Nepal has become the first country in Southeast Asia to eliminate trachoma.
15 November 2017 | World Current Affairs
China has launched the world’s first all-electric ship, which can travel up to 80 km with 2000-tonnes cargo after a two-hour charge.
1 October 2017 | World Current Affairs
Like other countries of the European Union, the Austrian government has banned the wearing of burqa in the country and other things that hide the face in public places and buildings. Those who violate this rule will be fined up to 150 euros.
16 August 2017 | World Current Affairs
Australian city Melbourne has been named the world's most liveable city for the seventh year in a row by The Economist in its Global Liveability Report. 
8 August 2017 | World Current Affairs
Ma Huateng, Chairman of Chinese internet giant Tencent, became China's richest man after overtaking e-commerce major Alibaba's Founder Jack Ma.
30 July 2017 | World Current Affairs
The World Bank has approved a total of USD 570 million for two projects in Bangladesh to improve health, nutrition, and population services and strengthen the country’s public procurement.
23 June 2017 | World Current Affairs
China has unveiled the world's first ‘railless train’ that runs on a virtual track.
2 April 2017 | World Current Affairs
The World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD) 2017 is on April, 02. The 2017 theme for the day is Toward Autonomy and Self-Determination. It was designated under by the United Nations General Assembly resolution “62/139. World Autism Awareness Day,” adopted on December 18, 2007.
13 March 2017 | World Current Affairs
Pakistan is set to conduct its first national census in 19 years which will begin on Wednesday with the assistance of over 200,000 troops.
9 November 2016 | World Current Affairs
United States Republican Donald Trump on 9 November 2016 won the US presidential elections in a stunning victory. He won the elections by 276 seats. He is scheduled to take office as the 45th President of the United States of America (USA)on 20 January 2017. He will succeed Barack Obama.

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