Shakambhari Jayanti Quick Facts

Festival NameShakambhari Jayanti (शाकंभरी जयंती)
Festival Date25 January 2024
Festival TypeReligious
Festival LevelTerritorial
Festival Observed byHindus

History of Shakambhari Jayanti

Mother Shakambhari's birth anniversary is celebrated on Paush Purnima. Maa Shakambhari is considered the goddess of vegetation. According to Hindu beliefs, Shakambhari Navratri begins on the Ashtami date of Shukla Paksha of Paush month and ends on the full moon date of this month.

The history of Shakambhari Jayanti is derived from the related mythological texts, Vaishnava literature and local traditions. This festival is organized in various parts of India but is celebrated with reverence and enthusiasm especially in the Mathura region.

Story of Shakambhari Jayanti

Incarnation of Lord Shakambhari: This story is about the incarnation of Lord Shakambhari. According to this legend, Lord Shakambhari served Lord Vishnu by enshrining himself in the Mathura region in a very powerful form. This legend narrates his important pastimes and glory.

Worship of Lord Shakambhari: A Brahmin worshiped Lord Shakambhari with his devotion and hard work. After his worship, Lord Shakambhari blessed him and he attained salvation. This story inspires that the grace of Lord Shakambhari can be obtained by devotion and dedication.

Grace of Lord Shakambhari: A poor man worshiped Lord Shakambhari with his devotion and devotion. By the grace of the Lord, their miseries came to an end and they attained prosperity and happiness. This story promotes religious ideals and shows the importance of faith.

Significance of Shakambhari Jayanti

The importance of Shankabhari Jayanti is associated with special beliefs and faith in Hinduism. This Jayanti is celebrated to remember the glory of Shankabhari incarnation of Lord Krishna and provides an opportunity to remember his miracles and pastimes.

The Appearance of the Avatar: Shakambhari Jayanti is celebrated as a special incarnation of Lord Krishna. This festival reveals the glory of His greatest and divine form and increases the love and reverence of the Lord in the hearts of His devotees.

Evidence of Devotion: Shakambhari Jayanti is considered the greatest symbol of devotion and respect. On this day worship is done by the devotees of the Lord and he is worshipped. Celebrating it with devotion and devotion purifies the mind and leads to spiritual progress.

Divinity and Miracles: Shakambhari Jayanti provides an opportunity to remember the divine miracles of the Lord and to recall his ideals in the mind. The day gives an opportunity to the devotees to remember pastimes, mantras and experiences of divinity of the Lord.

Social organization: Celebration of Shakambhari Jayanti provides an opportunity to unite people and establish social organization. On this day congregations are held in temples, religious programs are organized by organizations and shared celebrations are organized among devotees.

How to celebrate Shakambhari Jayanti

On the day of Shakambhari Jayanti, there is recitation of Katha and poetry among the devotees. It describes important events and stories from the life of Lord Shakambhari. It imbues the devotees with a sense of devotion and reverence. Devotees and community members can cooperate in social service works. This service work can include poor, helpless people, hospitals, old age homes etc. This follows the ideals of Shakambhari Bhagwan and encourages social upliftment. Special prasad can be distributed among the devotees. This may include special food, sweets and fruits offered on the full moon day. This prasad brings joy to the devotees and gives them an opportunity to experience the grace of the Lord. Sant Sammelan can be organized on the occasion of Shakambhari Jayanti. Devotees get an opportunity to meet saints and religious leaders and discuss spiritual questions with them. Sant Sammelan gives you an opportunity to grow in religious knowledge.

Tradition and customs of Shakambhari Jayanti

Shakambhari Jayanti is celebrated with various customs, which are somewhat idiosyncratic and may vary according to region or community:-

Vrats and Fasts: Some people observe fasts and fasts on the day of Shakambhari Jayanti. In this, the fasting devotees give up food and water for a day and take fasting food at the time of worship of God. This purifies their mind and body and gives them concentration in their spiritual practice.

Organizational events: On the day of Shakambhari Jayanti special programs are organized by religious organizations among the devotees. These include gatherings, kirtans, hymn singing and lectures by saints and sages in the Sangat temples. Here devotees get an opportunity to express their devotion and respect and experience meditation and devotion in a group.

Bhajan Sandhyas: On the day of Shakambhari Jayanti, Bhajan Sandhyas are organized at night. Devotees assemble and do japa, bhajan and kirtan of the Lord's name. A spiritual and empowering atmosphere is created here and the devotees feel blissful in the name of the Lord.

More info about Shakambhari Jayanti

Date and Time: The date and time of the festival of Shakambhari Jayanti may vary from region to region and community. Depending on the special merit, the date of the festival may be modified to coincide with religious and social events.

Various events: Nowadays, various cultural events are organized during Shakambhari Jayanti, which may include music, drama, poetry readings, workshops, etc. These programs provide an opportunity to entertain people, enhance social engagement and spread the message of Shakambhari Bhagwan widely.

Ceremonies for Divyangs: Now during the festival of Shakambhari Jayanti special attention is given to celebrations for Divyang people. This may include various support programmes, job fairs, skill development programs etc. This focus provides an opportunity to persons with disabilities to join the society with dignity and equality.

Digital Platforms: Nowadays Shakambhari Jayanti is organized through various social or religious platforms. People can watch and participate in religious programs, pujas, bhajan sandhyas etc through internet. This gives people a chance to enjoy Shakambhari Jayanti even while living in remote or foreign countries.

List of major festivals:

Date Festival Name
28 October 2023Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti
25 January 2024Shakambhari Jayanti
16 January 2024Bihu
20 August 2023 – 31 August 2023Onam

Shakambhari Jayanti FAQs:

This year Shakambhari Jayanti festival is on 25 January 2024.

Shakambhari Jayanti is a Religious festival, Which is celebrated every year with great enthusiasm.

Shakambhari Jayanti is celebrated every year by people of Hindus religions/communities.

Shakambhari Jayanti is a Territorial level festival, which is mainly celebrated by people of Hindus religions/communities.

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