Three initiatives launched by the government for farmers

Union Finance Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman and Union Agriculture Minister Shri Narendra Singh Tomar unveiled the initiative focused on agri-credit and crop insurance at a historic event in New Delhi. Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare launched three transformative initiatives for farmers – Kisan Loan Portal (KRP), Manual on Weather Information Network Data System (WINDS), KCC Ghar-Ghar Abhiyaan. These initiatives aim to revolutionize agriculture, increase financial inclusion, optimize data usage and improve the lives of farmers across the country.

This launch event symbolizes the Government of India's dedication towards innovation and efficient service delivery to agriculture, aimed at sustaining and doubling farmers' income. Initiatives like Kisan Rin Portal (KRP), door-to-door CC campaign and Winds Manual reflect the government's commitment to farmers' prosperity, innovation, use of technology and objective service delivery. These efforts will advance the goal of agricultural transformation and sustainable economic development for the farming community across the country.

The initiatives launched are of various types:-

1. Kisan Loan Portal (KRP): The Kisan Loan Portal (KRP) serves as an integrated hub, providing a comprehensive view of farmer data, specifics of loan disbursement, interest subsidy claims and progress of scheme utilization. By promoting seamless integration with banks, this pioneering portal enables proactive policy interventions, strategic guidance and adaptive enhancements for more focused and efficient agricultural credit and optimum utilization of interest subvention.

2. Ghar-Ghar KCC Campaign: This campaign underlines the commitment of the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare to universal financial inclusion, ensuring that every farmer has hassle-free access to credit facilities to fund their agricultural activities. .

The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare has carefully verified the data of existing KCC account holders with the PM Kisan database, identifying those account holders who match the PM Kisan database and who are not KCC beneficiaries despite being PM Kisan beneficiaries. This campaign plays an important role in reaching out to non-KCC account holding PM Kisan beneficiaries and promoting saturation of KCC accounts among eligible PM Kisan beneficiary farmers.

3. Weather Information Network Data System (WINDS): The Weather Information Network Data System (WINDS) initiative is a pioneering effort to establish a network of automated weather stations and rain gauges at the Taluk/Block and Gram Panchayat level. This initiative creates a robust database of weather data, which supports various agricultural services. It guides States and Union Territories in setting up and integrating with the WINDS platform, promoting transparent and objective data observation and transmission. It also provides practical insights for leveraging weather data for better crop management, resource allocation and risk mitigation.

  Last update :  20 September 2023
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