IAF Heron Mark-2 Drone

The Heron Mark 2 drone has been inducted in the Indian Air Force, this drone can monitor the border with both China and Pakistan in one flight. The Indian Air Force has deployed four Heron Mark 2 drones at a forward air base in the northern sector. The Heron Mark 2 drone with satellite communication can also be equipped with many other weapons including long-range missiles.

This will increase India's military strength on the northern border. The drones will be used for a variety of missions, including intelligence gathering, border patrolling and counter-terrorist operations. It will also be used to support the fighter aircraft of the Indian Air Force, providing them real-time imagery and targeting data.

Information about Heron Mark-2

  • The Heron Mark 2 is a medium-altitude long-range armed unmanned aerial vehicle manufactured by Israel Aerospace Industries, in service with the Indian Air Force since 2009. The new drone has a longer range and stability, and is equipped with more advanced sensors.
  • The Heron Mark-2 is a medium-altitude long-endurance (MALE) drone with a maximum range of 3,000 km and an endurance of 24 hours. It carries a variety of sensors, including synthetic aperture radar (SAR), electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) cameras, and laser designators.
  • The SAR can be used to image targets in all weather conditions, day or night, while the EO/IR camera can be used to identify and track targets. The laser designator can be used to specify targets for precise strikes.
  • The Heron Mark-2 is also equipped with a datalink that allows it to transmit real-time imagery and data to ground control stations. This gives the IAF a significant edge in the battlefield, as it can now track and target enemy forces in real time.

  Last update :  14 August 2023
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