The Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation (KMRC) has recently conducted a trial run of the metro under water in the Hooghly River, after which Kolkata Metro has become the country's first underwater metro. Metro engineers built a 520 meter long tunnel under water, in which the trial run of the metro has been done keeping in mind the safety.

The Metro rake passed through an underwater tunnel under the Hooghly river, with General Manager P Udaya Kumar Reddy traveling from Mahakaran to Howrah Maidan station in rake number MR-612 till morning. During this, the General Manager said that this trial will continue continuously from Howrah ground and trial will be done regularly for the next seven months. After this regular service will be started.

Metro Project

In the 16.6 km long stretch of the Kolkata Metro's East-West Corridor, the 520-metre route passes through the Hooghly River. Through this project, the distance from Sector 5 to Howrah will be reduced, which will help in saving the time of the commuters.

Tunnel Feature

  • The tunnel has been built at a depth of 33 meters below the Hooghly river on behalf of Kolkata Metro. At the same time, the tunnel has been made in such a way that water cannot enter the tunnel from any place. For this, the tunnel has been prepared through a 1.4 meter wide concrete ring and hydrophilic gasket.
  • It is a kind of rubber material, which is used to stop the leakage of water.
  • It spreads by coming in contact with water. At the same time, the special thing about this material is that it can stretch up to 800 percent of its original form.
  • In making this tunnel, security has also been taken care of by the Kolkata Metro. For this, a way has also been made by the Metro to evacuate the passengers in case of any kind of emergency in the tunnel, so that the passengers can come out of the tunnel safely.

In How Much Time Will The Train Travel

Kolkata Metro will travel in 45 seconds in the tunnel built in the river, in which the 520 meter long tunnel will be crossed. For the first time trial run has been done from Howrah to Esplande Road. The Howrah Metro station built on this line has become the deepest station.

  Last update :  14 April 2023
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