The Government of India has appointed Swaminathan Janakirman as Deputy Governor of Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The appointment of Swaminathan is up to three years from the date of taking charge of the deputy governor. He has changed the location of Mahesh Kumar Jain.

Who is the Deputy Governor (RBI) of Reserve Bank of India

The Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India is the second most senior officer of the Reserve Bank of India after the Governor. Since its establishment in 1934 by the Government of India, RBI has 63 deputy governors. The office duration usually lasts for three years and in some cases it can be extended up to two years. The inaugural office holder was James Brad Taylor, while KJ Udshi achieved the distinction of becoming the first female deputy governor of the Reserve Bank of India.

Who is Swaminathan Janakirman

Swaminathan Janakirman currently holds the position of Managing Director at the Indian State Bank (SBI), where he monitors corporate banks and assistant boards. Janakirman is an experienced banker, which specializes in various fields like Corporate and Corporate Bank, International Bank, Business Finance, Correspondence Bank and Financial Products, Digital Banks and Bank Work.
He has played an important role in video finance work, budget and performance monitoring, capital system and investment monitoring. Additionally, he is included in the bank's digital transformation Yatra as the head of the digital vertical. Janakaraman has also worked as a nominated director of OLI in the board of Yes Bank, Jio Petroleum Bank and NPCI. In addition, he has represented Associates as Director at Associates United Enterprise Bank of Bhutan.

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