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Word TypeVerb
Word Definitionenhance or improve.
Hindi Meaning of Burnishचमकना, चमकाना, झलकना, मांजना, परिमार्जित करना, बाहरी चमक
Synonyms of BurnishFurbish, Glaze, Gloss
Antonyms of BurnishTarnish, Mar, Deform

Use of "Burnish" word in sentences, examples

  • United Airlines looks to burnish eco-friendly image with new merch. 
  • Oil gains burnish Asian stock prospects while yen nurses decline
  • Religions take in all kinds of personalities and tend to burnish what they receive. 
  • The secret to getting your scallops to burnish beautifully is a light coating of sugar. 
  • Even a defeat might serve to raise his visibility and burnish a name brand that has become his most valuable asset.

Burnish FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Burnish is, चमकना, चमकाना, झलकना, मांजना, परिमार्जित करना, बाहरी चमक.

Similar words for Burnish are Furbish, Glaze, Gloss.

The Definition of Burnish is enhance or improve..

Tarnish, Mar, Deform, are antonyms of the Burnish word.

Burnish is a Verb word.

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