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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionunconventional and slightly strange.
Hindi Meaning of Eccentricउत्केंद्रित, विकेन्द्रक, विचित्र, विपथगामी, सनकी, अव्यवस्थिर, उत्केन्द्र, अजीब
Synonyms of EccentricBizarre, Freaky, Erratic
Antonyms of EccentricPlain, Regular, Unusual

Use of "Eccentric" word in sentences, examples

  • Elle defies expectations in eccentric rape revenge thriller
  • I still think Mother just wanted to be eccentric.
  • His mother was always an eccentric, from then until now.
  • A few of them wore the eccentric attire of the Mechanics.
  • He was very eccentric but, by jove, his food was jolly good.

Similar words of "Eccentric"

Bizarreअजीब, अनोखा, विचित्र, उत्केन्द्रित, अव्यवस्थित, विकेन्द्र
Outlandishबहरी, विचित्र, विदेशी, अनोखा, अजीब, असामन्य, मोजी, अतिरंजित
Queerअजीब, अनूठा, विचित्र, सनकी, विलक्षण

Eccentric FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Eccentric is, उत्केंद्रित, विकेन्द्रक, विचित्र, विपथगामी, सनकी, अव्यवस्थिर, उत्केन्द्र, अजीब.

Similar words for Eccentric are Bizarre, Freaky, Erratic.

The Definition of Eccentric is unconventional and slightly strange..

Plain, Regular, Unusual, are antonyms of the Eccentric word.

Eccentric is a Adjective word.

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