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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionrelating to or given to eating.
Hindi Meaning of Edaciousपेटू, भुक्खड़, लालची, लोलुप, खौ, अतिभोजिता, स्वार्थी, अतिभक्षक
Synonyms of EdaciousGreedy, Ravenous, Gluttonous
Antonyms of EdaciousGenerous, Liberal, Quenched

Use of "Edacious" word in sentences, examples

  • One may be hard-pressed to find an excuse to skip out on a chance to be edacious and eco-friendly at the same time.
  • I was edacious when they they finally brought a tray of food.
  • I didn't use a fork or knife, but tore into the food edaciously, as if I hadn't eaten in days.
  • This talk is inspiring edacious thoughts. 
  • Slides down the pipe with edacious oomph, in a good way.

Similar words of "Edacious"

Rapaciousखूंखार, भूखा, लालची, लुटेरा, भुक्खड़, सर्वग्राही, हिंसक, अतिलोभी

Edacious FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Edacious is, पेटू, भुक्खड़, लालची, लोलुप, खौ, अतिभोजिता, स्वार्थी, अतिभक्षक.

Similar words for Edacious are Greedy, Ravenous, Gluttonous.

The Definition of Edacious is relating to or given to eating..

Generous, Liberal, Quenched, are antonyms of the Edacious word.

Edacious is a Adjective word.

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