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Word TypeVerb
Word Definitionbe filled with love for.
Hindi Meaning of Enamoredआसक्त, मुग्ध, मोहित, अनुरक्त, फ़िदा, सम्मोहित, प्रेमांध
Synonyms of EnamoredInfatuated, Smitten, Attracted
Antonyms of EnamoredUnaffected, Disinclined, Unwilling

Use of "Enamored" word in sentences, examples

  • “He became enamored about the West and I think through his music he expresses his feelings about the West and the country,” Burgess said.
  • Fans of the ground effects/turbo era in Formula One, Ferrari enthusiasts and F1 historians will be quite enamored with the book.
  • It feels supersolid, like it was carved from a slab of aluminum, and I'm particularly enamored of the space-gray finish.
  • But Trump became enamored by the power of his draw after five media companies expressed interest.
  • Fitch, who used to live in Edgewater, became enamored of wine and spirits while working at boutique liquor store Independent Spirits.

Enamored FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Enamored is, आसक्त, मुग्ध, मोहित, अनुरक्त, फ़िदा, सम्मोहित, प्रेमांध.

Similar words for Enamored are Infatuated, Smitten, Attracted.

The Definition of Enamored is be filled with love for..

Unaffected, Disinclined, Unwilling, are antonyms of the Enamored word.

Enamored is a Verb word.

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