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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitionan attempt to achieve a goal.
Hindi Meaning of Endeavourउघम, उघोग, प्रयत्न, प्रयास, यत्न, कोशिश, संघर्स, परिश्रम करना
Synonyms of EndeavourAttempt, Effort, Exertion
Antonyms of EndeavourIdleness, Laziness, Ease

Use of "Endeavour" word in sentences, examples

  • She would sternly endeavour to train it not to jump.
  • You need only two things to succeed in this endeavour.
  • I shall seriously endeavour to remember thee this time.
  • The success of that endeavour depends on teachers being at.
  • We try to be as safe as possible in this high risk endeavour.

Similar words of "Endeavour"

Exertionउघोग, परिश्रम, प्रयास, प्रयोग, श्रम, म्हणत, कष्ट, थकान

Endeavour FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Endeavour is, उघम, उघोग, प्रयत्न, प्रयास, यत्न, कोशिश, संघर्स, परिश्रम करना.

Similar words for Endeavour are Attempt, Effort, Exertion.

The Definition of Endeavour is an attempt to achieve a goal..

Idleness, Laziness, Ease, are antonyms of the Endeavour word.

Endeavour is a Noun word.

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