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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionlacking in energy or vitality.
Hindi Meaning of Enervateकमजोर बनाना, प्रभावशून्य, बलहीन बनाना, ढीला बनाना
Synonyms of EnervateAttenuate, Debilitate, Weaken
Antonyms of EnervateEnergize, Empower, Invigorate

Use of "Enervate" word in sentences, examples

  • Do not bypass laws and enervate institutions.
  • Well, a war at this moment would surely enervate an already stretched and besieged Pakistan.
  • Both parties enervate as time lapses. Both forces tentatively take a few steps backwards, remaining vigilant to every gesture of their antagonist.
  • It's to enervate, enlighten people, and make them aware.
  • “Ubu” also has the power to enervate and in the wrong hands can become insufferable.

Similar words of "Enervate"

Debilitateदुर्बल बनाना, कमजोर बनाना, शक्तिहीन बनाना, खोखला करना, प्रभावशून्य, निस्तेज करना

Enervate FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Enervate is, कमजोर बनाना, प्रभावशून्य, बलहीन बनाना, ढीला बनाना.

Similar words for Enervate are Attenuate, Debilitate, Weaken.

The Definition of Enervate is lacking in energy or vitality..

Energize, Empower, Invigorate, are antonyms of the Enervate word.

Enervate is a Adjective word.

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