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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitiona feeling of listlessness
Hindi Meaning of Ennuiग्लानि, थकान, आलस, उदासी, ऊब, उचट, उकताहट, थकावट, एकरसता
Synonyms of EnnuiBoredom, Listlessness, Jadedness
Antonyms of EnnuiExcitement, Liveliness, Vigour

Use of "Ennui" word in sentences, examples

  • There's a word for it, albeit seldom used: ennui.
  • It's not the usual twentysomething angst or ennui that have dug Charlie's rut.
  • Labor is the law; he who rejects it will find ennui his torment.
  • In a great protestation of ennui, the ghost sank back toward earth.
  • Each new second seems unrelated to the previous and so you can repeat the same thing without ennui.

Similar words of "Ennui"

Apathyउदासीनता, निर्जनता, बेपरवाही, अनुरागहीनता, संवेनहीनता, सुन्नता, विरक्ति, उपेक्षा

Ennui FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Ennui is, ग्लानि, थकान, आलस, उदासी, ऊब, उचट, उकताहट, थकावट, एकरसता.

Similar words for Ennui are Boredom, Listlessness, Jadedness.

The Definition of Ennui is a feeling of listlessness.

Excitement, Liveliness, Vigour, are antonyms of the Ennui word.

Ennui is a Noun word.

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