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Word TypeVerb
Word Definitionincrease rapidly.
Hindi Meaning of Escalateबढ़ाना, तेज़ करना, प्रचण्ड होना, ज्यादा करना, सशक्त बनाना, ऊँचा उठाना
Synonyms of EscalateAggrandize, Amplify, Burgeon
Antonyms of EscalateDiminish, Lower, Weaken

Use of "Escalate" word in sentences, examples

  • Garda sergeants and inspectors today escalated their work-to-rule as part of a campaign seeking pay restoration and negotiating rights.
  • Public drivers escalate protests, call for general strike.
  • The sound continues to escalate.
  • I’m afraid that would only escalate.
  • That’s going to escalate things, he thought.

Similar words of "Escalate"

Proliferateप्रचुर मात्रा में उत्पन्न होना या करना, बढ़ाना, उगाना, प्रसारित करना

Escalate FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Escalate is, बढ़ाना, तेज़ करना, प्रचण्ड होना, ज्यादा करना, सशक्त बनाना, ऊँचा उठाना.

Similar words for Escalate are Aggrandize, Amplify, Burgeon.

The Definition of Escalate is increase rapidly..

Diminish, Lower, Weaken, are antonyms of the Escalate word.

Escalate is a Verb word.

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